Keyword Elite?!?

by Neil Ellis 6 replies
I'm sure one or two people have KWE so I'll ask my question here. How the hell do you highlight all the KW from the search results so you can copy to text file?? Surely you don't have to highlight each KW seperately?!?! =(
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    ctrl + shift from the first keyword to the last
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    You have 2 choices.

    1 - Save, then select CSV so you can work with it in excel (this is text file)
    2 - Hold the Shift Key (multiple selections) or Control key (Single Selections) as you click on the ones you want from the results (assuming you are in project 1) and then press "Export To Text"

    Hope that helps you

    Hope that helps
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    So I cant just highlight them all then export to text?!?! Thats crap!! All I seem to be able to do is hold control and highlight them one by one!! Even if I "save" it only save one highlighted word!! Oh dear! =)
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      Erm... if you want to select them all, click once inside the box and press "Control-A" that selects them all. Also the "Save" and selecting the CSV option does save all of them to Text so you can manipulate them in Excel or something.

      Or as has been suggested, Click the first item, scroll down hold the shift key, click the last item. This is how most lists work for selecting in 99.9% of all apps on all computers.

      Hope that helps you.
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    Click on the first keyword, then hold the shift key, then click on the last keyword. Viola, your entire list is highlighted and ready to copy.
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    Hurrah!!! You guy's are the best!! Sorted!!! =)
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