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by jkiley
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I am wondering if you guys can recommend a book on facebook/google ads? I am running ads on both platforms but I am not getting the results and probably because I don't have them setup correctly. I am familiar with my market/keywords/etc.

But to run the ads is bit complicated.

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    I recommend you ask on relevant FaceBook Groups . . . there are ones for both sorts of ads, and people there are helpful and experienced . . . and maybe you can ask specific questions there about your exact problems etc. as well.

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    Plus it depends what you are promoting.

    If you send traffic to a sales page, this is one reason why you are not making any money.

    Amateurs do this. Professionals send to an opt in page to build a list and follow up with leads.
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    facebook is still one of the best places in the world to advertise your business and web links.

    it incorparate how people view your ads and make them want to see all you have to offer,
    nowadays you just need to abide by their own rules if you really want to make it far there.

    but with a little dish and a cool ads display will surely pull you massive traffics straight to your website.

    i hope you guys finds this helpfull
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    I am normally a book person. Over the years I have learnt so much from good books in all aspects of my life.

    Facebook and Google are generally an exception to this as information is changing all the time

    Not sure if it's still the case but Google used to run free training in adwords. Certainly worth checking out for the basics.

    Ezra Firestone and Milly Pitman are doing a Facebook ads boot camp. No doubt full of sales pitches but I have always found be their free stuff useful. So might be worth a look


    Not an affiliate link just copied it from a Facebook ad.
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    You dont need a specific book .Information its everywhere ,you need tgo be smart to fiter the right information and aply what you learn .You need to find a way to see what succesful people are doing
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    There is one big secret to keep in mind. This secret saves people hundreds of dollars on Google Ads campaigns each year.

    First position in Google Ads is not what it seems. In the advertisers mind, they think they will get more sales with first position. In fact, what they receive are more fraudulent clicks and a bigger bill. You can settle for fourth position and do very well in your advertising campaign. If you find some great keywords at a discount price for fourth position, do not be afraid to use them.
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    Both Facebook and Google Ads have certification program. Since these platforms are changing over time, it is better to learn directly from them. Google Ad certification programs are free to take while Facebook does have some paid options. You will get to learn a lot in the courses designed by Facebook and Google Ads. Just search for their certification program.
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    Focus on one platform first would be your best advise. Facebook ads would be a good to start with. Get that converting first, then you can move on to Google ads.

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    I think there is a big difference in audience. So look at your potential buyers and geolocation where you want to sell.
    So products work really well on FB others are maybe better for Google ads.
    Struggeling with multiple supplier feeds?
    DoeeX solves it!
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    In conclusion, Facebook and Google Ads are powerful marketing platforms that can generate a lot of leads for your business. However, it is important to understand how they work and how to use them effectively. In conclusion, ba system solution play an important role in developing and implementing solutions that help businesses run more efficiently. The Andersen lab provides a great way for ba system solution to learn and grow in their profession. By subscribing to the lab, you can stay up-to-date on the latest resources and tools available to ba system solution.
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