Collaboration Tools: Why Microsoft Teams Is So Much Better Than Zoom And Slack

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A new article on Forbes reports on why Microsoft Teams is a superior collaboration tool when compared to Slack and Zoom.

The author starts this article by saying he's "been a bit of a Microsoft Teams naysayer in recent months," lamenting the complexity of the app and avoiding it whenever possible - but now he says he's been wrong all along.

Why? Well, after repeatedly and consistently advocating for Slack and Zoom throughout the whole period of lockdowns and preferring their sleek and intuitive designs, he's found his opinion changed when he started using Microsoft Teams with, well, you know - teams. The author still thinks teams is bloated with features but finds himself liking the app more and more. Here's how he explains it:

"Microsoft made their name in technology because of one word. Maybe it's oversimplifying a multi-billion dollar company, but the word is integration. Outlook is integrated with Word which is integrated with Teams. Over the years, people have used another word for that (monopoly) but when you are trying to finish a report, and you're alone in an office, the integration is outstanding. I've been able to start a video meeting with people with one click. Great! I can do that in Slack. But then I've also been able to add 17 other people with a few more clicks, and also schedule meetings with them in Teams, and work on a Word doc together.

I'm going to go several steps further. I'm now starting to think Teams is much better for collaboration during the (hopefully final months) of the pandemic. We need integration now more than ever. If I can click once to start a meeting with ten people instead of sending them the link, I'll take it. Hear me on this correctly -- the individual tools in the Microsoft ecosystem are not always better. I prefer Slack and Zoom. What I've been finding is that the COVID-fatigued version of me prefers one ecosystem that does it all. The pandemic has changed my views."
So, there you go - never underestimate Microsoft. All that being said, the author can't yet commit to Teams once the pandemic finishes and things get back to normality - at such time, he may well return to the simplicity of Slack and Zoom. You can please some of the people some of the time, I guess!
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    Actually, I'm thinking that tools for online whiteboarding like Miro, Milanote, Notion and Weje are gaining more popularity. And such guys like Google Meet, Zoom, Discord are pretty nice but they are more just for presentations and communication only.
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