Marketing Land's Friday Brief: Agile marketing for effective leadership, Shopify's earnings

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Marketing Land's Friday brief reports about agile marketing for effective leadership, Shopify's earnings, a question about Ops, and Infutor's ID activation by

Marketing Land's daily brief features insights, news, and tips for digital marketers. Today, the author asks, how widespread is the trend of merging marketing operations teams with sales operations teams (and customer success operations teams too)?

RevOps as an umbrella term used for formally or informally merged marketing and sales teams, with a collective responsibility for driving revenue outcomes. We're asked to get in touch so the author can figure out how widespread the practice is.

How do you lead people effectively on agile marketing teams?

Managers can be left high and dry when companies shift to agile marketing. While their roles have always been to manage the team's work, their direct reports get spread out across different agile teams. So, where do managers then fit in? The author suggests mentoring. In agile marketing, day-to-day activities and how the team gets work done need to be owned by the team. People should be free to experiment, fail, learn and grow.

Digital-first commerce boosts Shopify's earnings

The eCommerce platform announced striking financial results, with Q4 revenue up 94% year-on-year. Merchant Solutions revenues grew 117%, and sales on the Shopify platform surpassed $5 billion during the holiday season.

In stark contrast, Walmart observed a fall in share value during today's pre-market trading and reported Q4 earnings, which fell short of Wall Street expectations.

Infutor's ID Max to be leveraged by

Today, identity resolution vendor Infutor announced the activation by lead distribution software provider of Infutor's ID Max consumer identity data solution. By using Infutor's product, marketers can build out an entire identity from a single data point, such as name or phone number - then use it in a campaign. The company's TrueSource Identity Graph gets 97.5 million daily updates from privacy- and security-compliant sources. offers lead generation and distribution software and will use Infutor's data to improve lead tracking, scoring and routing, and eliminate bad leads.
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