Podcasts, how do they work and how can it be monetized?

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So I hear about podcasts now and then and I was just wondering

1. Can podcasts actually be monetized.
2. Is it a useful tool in internet marketing? If so,
3. How does one start a podcast
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    Originally Posted by maxdosh View Post

    1. Can podcasts actually be monetized.

    Yes, they can. For example, a part of my clients are people who do drop shipping. So if you would have a post cast about this and your content is really interesting, you will attract people who listen to you.
    If you reach 1.000 real listeners, people like me and others who have solutions for drop shipping might want to pay you for discussing our products or having an interview.

    It all starts with doing some research and take a topic that attracts people to listen to and attracts people that want to advertise.


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    Yes, Podcasts can be monetized, but you have to check which podcasts services allow monetization.

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    On monetization - Spotify certainly thinks so or it wouldn't have paid ~$300m for the likes of The Ringer and Joe Rogan.

    Historically, a lot of this monetization has come from advertising ... particularly from customers with high product lifetime values (ie, you see Squarespace on tons of popular podcasts because customers paying monthly for a website have huge lifetime values .... same goes for ZipRecruiter and Simplisafe et al). But, the number of said customers isn't necessarily huge, and there is/was certainly a gap between that segment and the rest of the advertising world. Initially, it seemed like Spotify sought to solve for this by expanding the podcast advertising market via centralization ... jury's out imo on whether that's still in play/will work. My view is that, for most small/medium sized podcasts, charging listeners (who podcast hosts forge an intimate connection with) directly may make more sense (as it has for many blogs).
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    I think podcasts are good if you have a product
    to promote, like if you are in MLM or something
    that you need to engage an audience about.

    I would recommend reading a book on podcasts
    that tells you all the equipment you will need as
    well as step-by-step instructions on what to do.

    I have Podcasting for Dummies but have not
    gotten around to reading it, I bought it just in
    case I ever decide to do podcasts. I believe
    you can start with your smartphone if you do
    not have any equipment and then get the
    equipment you need over time. I watched a
    few videos about podcasting but it's been
    awhile, some things have probably changed
    since then.

    Let us know how it goes if you decide to do it.
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    I agree that podcasts can be monetized with ads. Also if you have something to sell or promote, you can use them just like a blog for an ecommerce store. Talk about topics your customers would be interested in, and provide solutions with your product/service.
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    Hi there

    Podcasts can be monitized by selling ad spots. It may be difficut to monitize in the beginning if you don't have an audience or social media following already. As you grow your listnership it will be easier to attract advertisers.

    With regards to starting, assuming you have a niche and topic in mind you would need to figure out the structure of the Podcast, do you plan to have guests. The easiest way to grow your listenership may be to leverage the audience of guests.
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