New Google Patent Reveals Insights About Rewriting Queries Based on Context to Meet Intent

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that a new patent form Google tells us how queries may be written based on the context of those searches to better meet search intent.

A newly granted patent from Google is named "Predicting intent of a search for a particular context." It starts by telling readers that a searcher may use a computing device to obtain information and facts to assist the searcher in accomplishing a certain task. It goes on to say that a searcher must provide sufficient information (e.g., search query terms) to guide a computing device to locate the information a searcher seeks. Here's the abstract:

A computing system is described that determines, based on user-initiated actions performed by a group of computing devices, the intent of a search using a particular search query received from a computing device. The computing system adjusts, based on the intent, at least a particular portion of search results obtained from the search using the search query by emphasizing information that satisfies the intent. The computing system sends, to the computing device, an indication of the adjusted search results.
Google tells us about the kinds of contextual information that might be considered when queries are performed and that they could include information such as:
  • Search histories.
  • Location histories.
  • Long and short-term tasks.
  • Calendar information.
  • Application use histories.
  • Purchase histories.
  • Favorites.
  • Bookmarks.

Computing devices and information server systems can also gather additional information about a user of computing devices:
  • Information about the operating state of a computing device.
  • The physical and/or virtual environment of the user and/or the computing device at various locations and times.

This article is quite a long read, but there are some fascinating insights that are too long to list here. You can read everything by visiting the above link!
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