Research Shows That Re-opening is Driving New Online Search Opportunities

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Search Engine Journal reveals that new research shows that emerging post-pandemic consumer trends are driving new online search and e-commerce opportunities. Companies can look to bounce back in these key areas.

This insightful article is based on fresh research recently carried out by BrightEdge. The delve into consumer behavior shows that some quite startling post-pandemic consumer trends are emerging to create many new opportunities for those companies that benefit from online search. There are some obvious and very clear winners, like local search and travel. However, as you might expect, where there are winners, there have to be losers, too. And that's borne out by BrightEdge's study, which shows that other previously thriving industries are experiencing a sharp downturn.

Approximately 28% of the United States population has been fully vaccinated, which may be influencing changes in the following verticals:
  • Local Search - Dining: Pandemic trends saw increasing searches for take-out related phrases with a decrease in dine-in search queries. That trend is now reversing. Take-out related phrases are trending lower while dining-in related search queries are trending upward.
  • Travel and Hospitality (Hotels, Flights): Head terms are seeing dramatic upward trends. Searches like "Flights" and "Cheap Flights" are trending upwards. While there may be more volume in International Flights keyword phrase, Domestic Flights is seeing a more dramatic upturn. This may be an indication that families are keen to get together, driving more growth in domestic flights related keyword phrases.
  • Digital Transformation: This has to do with taking businesses online, which includes video conferencing. BrightEdge notes that while this area is experiencing a contraction they note that "demand remains at levels dramatically higher than historic norms."
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  • The dinin' & vacations are no surprise.

    Gonna be feverish.

    But I so love your Point 3.

    Las' time we had a global pandemic, we all still wearin' sackcloth panties.

    Plus also genocide hadn't gotten fully into its stride.

    So the 191x people did OK.

    But now we here in 202x, a pandemic sans internet woulda made for more suffrin'.

    Way I see it, global plus from this global experience prolly gonna take a while to trooly filtah through.

    Up till now, we only had Mickey Mouse, Coca frickin' cola, an' possibly Arnie.

    What valyoo the shared experience of free & secure connection?

    tbh, anywan throat first on this baby gonna thrive this decade.

    This is naht to diminish the craft of hand (as many believe), but to exalt it.

    Smart & available connectin' tech has curtailed the severity of a destroyin' monstah -- even for anywan spent the past 12 months headin' ovah to WF an' gripin' their ass off.

    So I am glad we can all go dinin' an' vacationin'.

    Immediate smoochie is the #1 touchpoint.

    But we may wish also to see how communion with the globe extends the reach of our fingertips an' all the creative potential sings to burst from their procreative touch.

    As potential manipulators of the divine, we should mebbe embrace our desire for "connectivity without slaughter" with a more balanced view.

    Evrywan is here now, an' we might wanna look out for one anothah more actively.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Thank you thats a great bit of research
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