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Reminding everyone to read the WSO marketplace rules here -

ALL WSOs are subject to moderation before they appear live and public.

WSOs are moderated within 24-72 hours, but might take longer when on weekends, or public holidays. Rest assured we will make sure you will receive a notification once your WSO has been approved or rejected.

While it is admin's duty to review and moderate the WSOs on a daily basis, it's also the member's due diligence to read, review, and fully understand the marketplace rules.

I'd like to put emphasis on the ff:
  • Visible checkout link on both Classic and Modern views.
  • Deceptive offers, saying it's free but would lead customers to a payment after opting with their emails.
  • Income claim on titles, regardless of how the title is written.
  • Bumps on threads that are already more than one year old.

If your WSO remains unpublished for more than a week, please check and edit your offer!

When you edit your offer, make sure all the missing fields are complete:
  • Product image
  • Category
  • Price
  • Tags
  • Availability

And always make sure your WSO has a visible checkout button.
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