YouTube ads to promote seo services? Bad idea?

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I have never seen an seo company advertising their seo service via YouTube.. are they all missing a trick, or is using YouTube for promoting seo services a dumb idea for some reason I haven't thought of? surely if it worked people would be doing it.
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    The only thing which comes to my mind is that it is against the terms and conditions of youtube ...but that doesn't make sense.

    Therefore I think either you did not find SEO ads yet or you have a great opportunity right now to be one of the first to do it
    From Zero To Hero Online:
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    Why not?

    Create good content for seo services and post videos about it. Easy and fast. :-)
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    Its a good idea I have tried YouTube ads and am still spending over $2500 on YouTube ads with good conversion rates.

    Just one tip that I have noticed: Try to make your video informative and in Native language
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