How to Decrease Google Sites Loading time?

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My Google site takes about a minute to load after three attempts, with the first two timing out completely. What can I do to speed it up? Thanks in advance for your valuable comments.
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  • Do you have images optimized? That is usually a culprit.

    If you using WordPress you can just add plug ins like Smush or other cache plugins.

    But....speaking of plugins having alot of them also could be a problem.


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    try cache plugin systems. You can use youtube for this.
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    Please check whether your images are optimized.

    You can also check whether your JS and CSS are minified or not. Sometimes those elements make the pages heavy and increase the page loading time.

    On the other hand, have you heard about Tailwind CSS - Tailwind CSS is a framework for quickly creating Tailwind custom CSS UI components that focus on functionality. It provides low-level utility classes for styling CSS properties such as margin, flex, color, and so on, allowing you to create bespoke user interfaces.

    Give it a try, it is better than Bootstrap. Let me know if you will experience the difference.
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    Use a tool called pingdom .Pingdom is a free site speed test tool that analyzes website errors .
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  • I mentioned this in another post. Here are a few tips:

    1) Use jpg images instead of png

    2) Take advantage of amp

    3) Don't crowd page with too many images

    4) Minimize http requests

    5) Don't use redirects

    6) Go with a good web host provider, like Duda

    7) If you have a Wordpress site, install a caching plugin

    8) If you have a Wordpress site, use a good theme

    9) Fix all broken links on your site, if you have any
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    You can rectify the hiccups using page speed insights and gtmetrix websites. These both will give you a detailed audit of your site loading speed and what can be done to improve it.
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    What I did is go to and hire someone to speed up your website for you.

    This is what I did.

    Go there and search for "How To Speed Up My Website".
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    Try to delete pkugins that are not useful and you dont need them .Also add smash plugin and cache plugin ,try to keep your sitr as clran as you can
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    In order to speed up the loading time, just follow the below steps.

    Divide pages, attachments, or gadgets.
    Allow page-level permissions to be disabled
    Disable automatic navigation.
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    shortpixel is good if you site have lots of images.

    One thing I noticed, if you have google adsense ad , your site will load slow for sure. Can't be help.
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