Can I add a New Niche to the same Blog ??

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One of my Blogs is a Money Making Blog aimed at people with disabilities. Ive had it up for about 6 months now. And haven't put much work into it but it has ranked for some good keyword phrases and gets about 10 SE Organic Visitors a day.

It involves money making programs like Surveys and Gpt Sites that fit good with physically challenged individuals. Now in the last few days I decided I wanted to add Mobility Products like Scooters, wheelchairs etc.. into the mix.

My question is should I start a whole new Blog for the Mobility Products ?? I figure since both Products are aimed at the same group of people I should just have both of them on this one blog. I already rank decent for it and if I start another whole new Blog with the Mobility Products I will be starting SEO , Ranking, Serps etc. from scratch.

Should I start a totally new Blog or just have both the Money Making programs for the Disabled and Mobility Products for the Disabled on the same Blog ?? Or separate ones ??

Check it out below. I already have put the new product in the Header/title and a Banner on the side.

Thanks for any possible feedback
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