How to create a three-tier blog strategy to increase revenue

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A new article on Search Engine Land says you can grow your bottom line faster with this content marketing strategy that influences newbies, intermediates and experts.

This blogging strategy is not just for prospective customers. You can also use this information to continue influencing and building your reputation for existing clients - something that is especially effective for your intermediate- and export-focused blogs highlighted in newsletters sent to existing customers.

Tier 1: Blog strategy tips for newbies

When writing for the newbies' portion of your content, begin with a 50% share of your blogging strategy. Create a sharp focus here on creating pillar or skyscraper pieces that you can continuously use as a focus for internal and external links. This content is for those just entering the sales funnel, which means you want to educate them and influence them to return to you for information. Most of these readers won't be first-time buyers, but your influence as the authority on the subject will influence them - a reason why you must create much high-level content that talks to these beginners.

You want to chase rankings for long-tail keywords on the broader spectrum. Businesses with a sharp focus will have easier ranking due to the lack of search volume in the "broader" target keywords. Rather than "Ducati Parts," which would be tough to rank for due to its 1,000 monthly search volume (according to Semrush data) and some established websites owning the top positions, including Ducati itself holding the top spot. Instead, optimize the 50% of newbie blogs on longer-tail but still broad keywords such as "Ducati parts online" (390), "Ducati scrambler aftermarket parts" (320), and "Ducati performance parts" (210). For these blogs targeting newbies, "how-to" titles work, and those that show a promise, such as increasing revenue by using a three-tier buyer's persona blog strategy.

Tier 2: Blog strategy tips for intermediates

Next, focus 25% of your blogging strategy on creating content for the intermediate crowd in the sales funnel. These readers are educated but not experts and need that extra boost of influential content to either return to your website for more or become a client. When creating these topics, you can dig deeper into your knowledge base as a content creator. Here's where you can exploit the meaning behind a case study that relates to your business or take a deep look into your industry's history or past successes.

Here the Ducati Shop would create content around a deep history of a particular motorcycle model, such as a 916 Superbike or a Monster. This blogging strategy would help provide reputable and quality content about these models and soft-sell the performance parts available for the models through both internal links and in-text CTAs. Here you can get more granular on keywords, chasing even longer-tail keywords. The strategy would be to add extensions for each motorcycle model for the Ducati Shop, such as "Ducati Panigale parts online" or "Ducati Monster parts online," etc.

Tier 3: Blog strategy tips for experts

Here's where you can focus on super long-tail keywords - only ones that typical experts within a field would know. These readers are ready to buy now. They are knowledgeable but are looking for the perfect product or partners, contingent on your business. If the online Ducati shop sells complete racing parts that only expert mechanics or racers would understand, such as flashing an ECU for a V4 Panigale, offer content that explains the available benefits and options. Those low-volume keywords can drive thousands in sales with less effort than ranking a blog for newbies.

Here's a wise place to expose your highest-priced items. If you're an SEO agency with a $25,000 monthly enterprise campaign with proven case studies, use those case studies to find a super-focused audience searching for longer-tail, super low-volume keywords.
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    Never knew you could make cash on a blog. Thanks for sharing! I've got to try this.
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      Blog monetization's been around for a long time.

      Originally Posted by Malik Robinson View Post

      Never knew you could make cash on a blog. Thanks for sharing! I've got to try this.
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    Thanks for the advices ,this its helpful for us that work in bloging space
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  • What I like about putting 50% content for newbies and 25% content for intermediate is it makes it easy to create a content plan.
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    Thank you for this topic
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    Experiment with creating a three-tier blogging strategy with a 50/25/25 blend of focuses. Influence at each of these stages in the sales funnel. Continually test to see where you're most successful. The 50/25/25 blend is only a starting point; keep tweaking as your revenue grows
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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    The tier 3 strategy for experts almost sounds like a product review, since they're most likely to buy now than people in the other 2 tiers.
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    • Profile picture of the author WF- Enzo
      Pretty much, yes!

      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      The tier 3 strategy for experts almost sounds like a product review, since they're most likely to buy now than people in the other 2 tiers.
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    Great idea, thank you!
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    This is an excellent case study for a blog that is a ATM machine....

    Every post is a money maker. List post and joining the affiliate program for every single one in the list.

    Later this website will be sold for a hefty amount.


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    Interesting 3 tips. Definite food for thought.

    I'd add that publishing in-depth, 1500 word plus, SEO optimized content dripping with details helps target traffic and grow business through Google and other online channels. Long form content does wonders for accelerating blogging success.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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