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Hello Warriors.

Hope everyone is well and safe.

Question about Text to Video software. I was experimenting with one of the versions and it made me wonder. If you take an article that you have written and turned it into a video with the computer generated voice and stock photos or using your own, does YouTube and the competing sites look at this any differently than a video where the content owner shows their face or a simple concert by a band that is uploaded?

Is it always about keywords/ranking or are there additional layers as to being penalized for not using the video platform in a traditional way?

The effort itself in going from text to video (even using the software for the initial time) was not long. For a standard article size, picking the voice, photos, saving, and downloading equaled ten minutes.

Thanks as always for your time and thoughts!
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    I've actually had an old account with Youtube banned for creating text-to-video videos.

    Despite your initial worries about how Youtube may perceive videos like these... i'd mostly wonder how viewers of your videos would perceive it. I think if you're leaning on doing text to video videos... you might as well do a screencast video.

    It's better than text to video, you can show your viewers exactly where to go and what to do, and they're not hard to create. And quite frankly, they might be even faster than creating a 10-minute text-to-video video.
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      Why do you think your account on YouTube was banned? I watched a few videos this week of folks that only create text to video and they had thousands of subscribers.

      I was not necessarily going the route of text to video for YouTube or competitors but simply curious about how it shows in terms of YouTube search or a Google search.

      Thank you for the reply.

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        Originally Posted by Craig Fenton View Post

        I watched a few videos this week of folks that only create text to video and they had thousands of subscribers.
        Are those real views though?

        There are tons of SMM providers that artificially boost Youtube video views using bots and other tricks.

        Most if not all of the text to video vids I see on Youtube are not very engaging and their view stats are pitiful.

        People are looking for eye contact or really engaging vids if you don't want to show your face. Daily Dose of internet is one big example of mixing viral vids with just a voice over.

        But these and some gaming channels (focus on actual gameplay) are the exception.

        People want to see your face
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          Thanks for the reply. Hope all is well.

          As to real views are not, I do not have privy to the data but I wrote down some subscriber totals at the beginning of the week. I should have saved the links because you would have more knowledge than I. In addition, I can only speak for me and would never pick a number that you would consider a lot of views.

          Here are some numbers of folks that have not shown their face or used their voice 37,000 +, 23,000 +, 14,000 +.

          As to what percentage of those are fake, I can not state. If a high percentage are not real, wouldn't the account get banned? Otherwise couldn't any person with a good budget pay for as many bot views as they wish to make it look like there are a lot of views/subscribers?

          This was totally for me to learn about different approaches to marketing a video.

          In no way would I propose that this is a better way of doing things than the traditional show your face, be engaging, have quality content and market ethically.

          As a side note, I am not intending to use article to video software. I often ask questions on the forum to learn about different topics and get both sides of a coin.

          Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

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    Why not buying a cheap microphone and read the articles you have yourself and make a video out of it. With a bit of practice it won't take too much of your time and its way more personal. You don't even need to show your face then.
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    The article to video software is the only thing i can think of as to why my account got banned. I create better quality videos now and my subscriber count reflects that. BTW I think it's great you want to learn the mechanics of a strategy so that it rounds out your overall knowledge of internet marketing.
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      Hi Randall:

      Thanks for nice words. Sorry the account got banned. It is frustrating when I read those words because if content is not hateful or illegal and we see other text to video YouTube Channels in play, there should not be a subject nature to this. I hope all other projects are going well and thanks for being polite.

      Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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