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Is there a free method with which one can secure your affiliate links?
By asking that I mean:-
1. That the original link-provider pays out the commission when someone use your link to purchase. How do you know that he is not just taking the commission for himself after a purchase?
2. If I use link shortening or link cloaking, how do I know that those people do not use the original link you gave them to earn the commission?
3. Safeguarding the link against hackers.
Lastly are there free services that you can recommend please? I am thinking Bitly or LeadsLeap??
I have not find transparent answer on this anywhere on the web. There is always a hidden agenda to sell something via the answer. I really hope this forum can help.
Many Thanks
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    Hi Frik, Seems to be get what you pay for. Any free services I've used have limitations to the extent that they're not that usable. Bitly is probably the best i've used and is widely known so less chance of them doing your number 2. concern.
    I'm using prettylinks now as it tracks clicks etc for you to compare with your affiliate dashboard to ensure tracking is being done correctly at that end. Its not free but its cheap over a year for what they offer, and trustworthy.
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    Hi Frik. What product/service are you offering exactly?

    If it's a legitimate link, it will always trace the sale back to you.
    As blairquane says, you will get what you're paying (or not paying for).
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