The repository is officially closed for professional 3rd party plugins

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You won't find any professional plugin or theme there anymore.

By professional themes and plugins I mean those that made from professional webmasters who want to somehow insert HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP code into their WordPress posts, sites (e.g. sidebar, footer, header) etc.

This is officially forbidden now and I've got an official confirmation on that.

You may say: "that couldn't be true, because there is a ton op plugins like "PHP anywhere" and others are freely hosted at".

Yes, they are. But not forever, so make sure to download them while they are not removed or not castrated on their functionality.

Here is a quote from the official email, that explains the new policy on 3rd-party themes and plugins:

We're saying IF your plugin allows people to insert arbitrary HTML/JS/etc, then it is not currently permitted for new plugins.

We are actively working with the older plugins to retire them or improve them and make them safer.

Since that's an ongoing process, and has been for a couple years, we've only closed a couple. We're trying not to break existing users, while still protecting them from what has become one of the biggest vectors for kiddie hackers

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