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by Trieu 4 replies
I want to buy some good quality squeeze page templates. Does any one have any recommendations or can direct me to a list of sites that sell them?

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    I am looking too, but just keep on finding templates from 1998. Doesn't anyone have some sweet 2.0 templates?
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    Sent PMs to both of you. Maybe you can save some money if they're useful.
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      I downloaded some templates some time back with some PLR or something, I don't remember. I need to make a landing page now and so I went through them to see if anything looked good. They all looked the same like they ahd been made with a rubber stamp but used different color pads. I guess I could work on them and modify them with a bit of work, but I thought the idea of getting stuff like that was to make life easier. So I am also looking but probably will end up making it from scratch.

      Tim Pears

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    I hate spending time with HTML. Just want something done for me I guess but don't trust anyone to do it. I have had bad experiences with all of my outsourcing so far. About 5 different things.
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