Google rolls out 'About This Result' to EU

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Google has unveiled additional online literacy aspects for European users, including an extension of its 'About this result' info panels in Search and a new digital education effort in collaboration with European libraries.

To begin, Google is expanding its 'About this result' feature into many more languages, including Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, German, and Spanish.

"Next to most results on Google, you'll begin to see the option to tap the three dots to learn more about the result or feature and where the information is coming from."
As shown in the examples above, Google's 'About this result' panels give more information about the source page for each listed result, such as a description (derived from Wikipedia), reviews of its content, and other relevant remarks to provide more context and insight.

Google originally made 'About this result' available to US users in February of last year, and it has been progressively improving and iterating on it since then. European users will now have access to the additional information panel, which may assist to restrict the spread of inaccurate or misleading material through Google Search.
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