Google unveils ad frequency targeting for YouTube campaigns

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Google is offering marketers more control over the amount of times their adverts appear on YouTube with the introduction of target frequency.

Controlling ad frequency on YouTube was previously only available when running connected TV campaigns in Google Display & Video 360.

The target frequency capability is now accessible internationally to all advertisers running YouTube campaigns.

Google discusses in a blog post how target frequency might help advertisers meet their goals without bothering viewers with too many ads:

"This will help advertisers optimize towards more precise reach and frequency, while ensuring that we continue to provide a suitable advertising experience for viewers. Target frequency allows advertisers to select a frequency goal of up to four per week and our systems will optimize towards maximum unique reach at that desired frequency."
Increasing ad frequency without messing up with your ROI

When continually displaying individuals the same ad, there is always the risk of decreasing returns.

Eventually, viewers will tune out, and the increased impressions will result in fewer sales.

Google admits that seeing the same ad again and over again is both annoying for consumers and wasteful for marketers.

According to a Google-commissioned study, when the frequency exceeds 6+ weekly impressions, the ROI of TV advertisers drops by 41%, accounting for 46% of TV impressions given.

According to Google, about half of all impressions are squandered:

"Almost half of the linear TV impressions in our study were considered waste but the same study from Nielsen shows that brands can increase their average weekly frequency from one to three on YouTube with a consistent ROI.

This is a huge opportunity for marketers to maximize their impact across the same set of people they are already reaching today."
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