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Keep writing articles in the niche or build backlinks to the articles that I already have?
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    I would suggest doing both. Articles can be good for a quick burst of traffic, and backlinking can be great for getting your articles to rank more highly.
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    I would recommend keep on writing new, fresh content continously and but also increase the PageRank of your articles.

    You will see great results doing both


    Alex Kei.
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    Why must it be a choice? Do both! I definitely am a firm believer in building backlinks to articles, as long as the articles were written around good keywords. Otherwise it might be largely a waste of your time. But in general, you want to do both (more articles, more backlinks). Do what works... always.

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    Yup! I agree do both .... or outsource once of the tasks

    If you are slow at article writing then outsource it, I hate writing!
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    I think it's good to keep writing GOOD articles that use effective keywords and some LSI, while building backlinks as well to the good performing articles.



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