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Hi , i'm new in funnel building , i have quite information about it , as a practicing what advise me to improve my experience in funnel building?
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    Are you new to affiliate marketing as well? If so I would concentrate on creating an online business first before thinking about a funnel.

    if you do have experience, the best way to start building a sales funnel is to first create a web page. This will grab the attention of whatever you might be selling. Offer free gifts, have an email list, link to another page that will capture their attention, and this will bring them to a second part of your "funnel" then offer something paid 3 or 4 clicks away from that initial page. You will also have them on an email list to keep sending them different offers as well. Videos and webinars are great "funnel" pages as well.

    The key of a sales funnel is to earn the buyer's trust so they will be confident to buy once they reach that 3rd or 4th page.
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    I suggest you use software called systeme.io. It is free to use and you can use it for higher use at $35 or something. Clickfunnels is too expensive for you to start. You can also buy a funnel from systeme store and it looks brilliant. Best of luck!

    Done for you affiliate business that you can start. Join for only $25!. Check It Out!

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      what you mean by buy funnel , is systeme.io sell funnels? , i mean funnels worked and get profit?
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    In my opinion, if you don't understand basic funnels enough to create your first one...you probably wouldn't know how to promote it, either.

    Learning about funnels is as easy as using a google search - a forum search, etc.
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      ya sure i have quite information about how to bring cold audiene from any open sourse content like youtube or post then turn it to lead magnet then warm the audience step by step untill to be a customer , regardless that from autoresponer or landing page, but there is a practical information from the experience users for example: in landing page of fitness what the best headline that work from other headlines , what the colors format that work with you better than other format colors
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    Originally Posted by Red akai View Post

    thank u for your reply bro
    Originally Posted by Red akai View Post

    ya sure....
    Please, highlight your user name in the black bar on the right hand side. Use the drop down menu to switch to Classic View. Then use the quote button to reply to someone. This way we know who you are responding to.

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    there are quite a lot already done ones with default templates just edit around for your liking.
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      you mean thrive , lead pages , elementor templates ?
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  • A funnel is a strategically linked series of desiahs, intentions, questions, revelations & decisions.

    Evrywan forgets this.

    They are like turnin' points in a movie, key moments in the narrative as your dialog with your prospect plays out.

    "Funnel" makes evrythin' sound like a sluice pipe mechanism for refinin' effluent.

    Think TRUMPET instead.

    Kinda ...trumpet blastin' the CTA all the way back to the headline.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    If you are unfamiliar with funnel and what entailed within a funnel. I would suggest you get involved in an affiliate program which has a Done For You Funnel already setup for you inside. Learn the functionality of it and how it works in presenting your offers for you in a systematic way...page after page. Then build your own following the blueprint from 1st hand experience.
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