Here are YouTube's top creators, clips and ads for 2022

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YouTube has released a list of the top trending videos and creators of 2022, which provides an interesting summary of the year in online entertainment.

To begin with the most viewed clips, the #1 video was shared by gaming legend Technoblade, in which his father delivers Technoblade's final letter that he prepared before succumbing to cancer.

Technoblade's final upload has been viewed over 87 million times, demonstrating the creator's influence in the gaming world.

Will Smith's iconic Oscars fight with Chris Rock came in second, followed by another gaming streamer, Dream, with his face reveal clip.

The effect of gaming on online culture is on display once again in YouTube's top performers, with several top channels and video referencing gaming themes.

Prank videos are also popular, which may be a more problematic trend, with some going too far and

Meanwhile, MrBeast tops the creators:
  1. MrBeast (114M subs)
  2. NichLmao (18.7 subs)
  3. Airrack (10.7M subs)
  4. Ryan Trahan (11.1M subs)
  5. Isaiah Photo (8M subs)
  6. Brent Rivera (22.3M subs)
  7. Dan Rhodes (18.8M subs)
  8. Luke Davidson (9.31M subs)
  9. CoryxKenshin (15M subs)
  10. Ian Boggs (8.07M subs)

Meanwhile, here are the Beakout Creators for the year:
  1. NichLmao (18.7 subs)
  2. Airrack (10.7M subs)
  3. Jooj Natu ENG (6.03M subs)
  4. Shangerdanger (4.03M subs)
  5. David The Baker (2.47M subs)
  6. Kat (5.2M subs)
  7. Dayta (4.39M subs)
  8. Devin Caherly Shorts (3.61M subs)
  9. MDMotivator (4.17M subs)
  10. Charles Brockman III (TheOnly CB3) (2.41M subs)

Here are the top-performing ads for 2022:
  1. Amazon (US)
  2. Telecom Egypt (Egypt)
  3. Clash of Clans (US)
  4. Apple (US)
  5. Hyundai Worldwide (US)
  6. Imagine Your Korea (Korea)
  7. HBO Max (US)
  8. Netflix (US)
  9. Chevrolet Brasil (Brazil)
  10. Squarespace (US)

That gives marketers a more precise viewpoint, with examples of how other brands are generating traction with their promotional video - however the most of them are celebrity-led, big-budget productions, so there's not a lot for smaller artists to learn from these trends.

Overall, it's an interesting take on the year that may point you in the direction of the app's top stars. Chime in.
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    I would be interested in knowing how they calculated "the top performing ads" in the first place. I notice that every one of them are major advertisers. I have seen some REALLY good and highly targeted ads that likely had smaller ad budgets that I'll wager almost anything had conversion rates WELL above any in that list above. However the expenditure on the ad may have been only about 5 or 10k ... and not the multiple hundreds of thousands spent by the advertisers in the list. (in short, I'm suggesting the advertiser list was more about throwing a bone to their biggest advertisers more than which advertisers actually "performed" well).
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    Thanks for the link!
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