tools for easily generating slide presentations?

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I'm looking around for something that makes it easy to make a nice-looking video that's similar to a PowerPoint presentation. Unfortunately most IMers only sell stuff for a week or two, and then you're out-of-luck, so if you want something and aren't getting a bunch of promo emails for it this week, it can be hard to find if you don't know of any names (which I don't).

I'm watching one that's a bunch of rather short (<5min) videos with a static background frame and text that slides onto the page while the guy is talking. It's his voice, not a fake voice, and the slides are timed so what he's saying is being shown on the page, then it clears and the next bunch of text shows up. To me, this is like a podcast with subtitles, and it's quite boring. The guy has no graphics or photos or anything other than text. Boring.

The other end of the spectrum is making slides in PowerPoint, then using Camtasia to record my voice and the screen while I go through the whole presentation, as if I'm doing it live. The main drawback with that is ... I think you need to present in smaller chunks, maybe no more than 10 mins.

Anyway, I'm curious what's out there to help make videos like this of presentations that could be up to an hour long (in total time).

As an aside, I'd love to find something similar to Prezi but cheaper. I like how it lets you zoom in and out of several topics on one slide rather than having to add a long series of slides.
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    powerpoint has amazing features for this type of video and can be as long or short as you want. once complete you export as a video. For free you can do the same thing on Open Office.

    There used to be a regular member here his name is Kurt Melvin and he has a product that teaches you how to make these videos in power point

    here is the link to that product Get PowerPoint King Tuts (Not affiliate link) I have this product and vouch for it.


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    I'm familiar with PowerPoint. I'd like to get some ideas about things other than PowerPoint -- that's why I asked.

    Has that course been updated since 2013? PP has.
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    Moovly is a good alternative to PowerPoint and Prezi. You'll never run out of media to use in your videos and you can upload any photos, videos, or audio you'd like to use. It has tons of tools and the libraries have millions of free assets.

    They have a free plan you can use as well. Depending on what you need you can decide if you want to go with one of their paid plans which are still reasonably priced, landing in the mid price range.
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