Does anyone know of an affordable, one time payment, Wordpress ADA compliance plugin?

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Hello all,
I haven't posted here in ages, but I thought perhaps someone here may know of something that I don't. I used to use an ADA Compliance plugin called ADA Comply. I bought it years ago, and it did well for having a toolbar that changed options on the site. Did it help to achieve full ADA compliance? That seems to be a quite complicated subject.

Anyway, I just realized a little while ago that my ADA Comply toolbar is gone from my site. Upon checking their website....their website is gone. So, I need to figure out a solution for an ADA toolbar for my site(s). I found a few options through the Wordpress plugin repository, but they all seem to have ongoing monthly fees. I would prefer to not have ongoing monthly fees. Does anyone know of a good solution for ADA compliance that does not require monthly fees? Something that can be purchased one time...with lifetime updates? Perhaps I'm dreaming, but I thought maybe someone here would know.

UPDATE: Upon researching, I think I found a solution that works for me; at least for now. I thought I'd leave this post and just update it with what I found in case anyone else comes along with this same question. This is a free solution, and seems to have good reviews. I just installed it, and it seems to do what it says without any issue:

Best of luck to everyone out there.
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