Script Needed To Insert Clickbank ID

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I would need some help here.

It is for my affiliate sign up page.

An affiliate enters his name, email and clickbank id. After he signed up, he is brought to a new page with all his clickbank id populated throughout the affiliate tool page (including emails, solo ads and so on.)

This makes it really easy for the affiliate to Just Copy and Paste.

Where can I get such a script?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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    I believe you don't need any special script,

    simple php will do. (i think)

    I've never done it but I think that's the way to do it.
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      Originally Posted by Jose Delgado View Post

      I believe you don't need any special script,

      simple php will do. (i think)

      I've never done it but I think that's the way to do it.
      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for your quick response. You are always so helpful.

      You know of anyone who knows how.

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        A good person to contact would be Najat Engineer. I am a member to one of her sites and she does this.

        If a script is needed, she might tell you which one she uses.
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          IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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          This is quite easy to do if you're using AWeber - probably easy with
          other autoresponders as well.

          1. You'll need to use the HTML form code, not JavaScript.

          2. Enable 'Forward Variables' (Post CGI variables to the thank you page?)
          on the Form Details page.

          3. When AWeber returns your visitor to the thank-you page, the URL
          will contain the passed parameters, something like this:


          4. Insert PHP code similar to this at the very beginning of the thank-you page:

             $name = $_GET["name"];
             $email = $_GET["from"];
          (The variable names are in the original HTML form)

          5. Rename the thank-you page with a .PHP extension.

          6. When you want to use the visitor's name or other details, insert a
          corresponding PHP variable like this:

          <?php echo $   name; ?>
          7. You can insert that code in a form field as the 'default' value for the field, like this:

          <input type="text" name="name" value="<?php echo ; ?>" size="20">
          Hope this helps!

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    yeah it should be "$name"

    Nothing to see here. Move along, citizen.

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    Hi John,

    You can check out HopGuard:

    Clickbank Affiliate Link Cloaking with HopGuard

    This displays a form that your customer enters their ID, and out pops not just a standard hoplink, but an encrypted one to help cut down affiliate link theft.

    It has the bonus of being able to direct your customers to specific pages/products/websites (ie. selling multiple products through one Clickbank account).

    And yes, you can use PHP variables to display the affiliate links inside your promo material.

    For example, Rosalind Gardner is using it (though a slightly older version) on her site:
    The Super Affiliate Handbook - Affiliate Program

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    Yeah, Derrick is pretty much on the money.. I was gonna post this for ya; but he beat me to it.

    Just an added note...
    Be careful with how you get your variables from the form "posting" to your thankyou.php (or whatever page).

    There's both POST and GET

    GET will come in like Derrick posted...
    and you'd retrieve those with...
    and assign them as such...
    $whatev = $_GET['var1'];
    $whawha = $_GET['var2'];
    POST will send the variables back in a POST package and you'd retrieve and assign them as such...
    $whatev = $_POST['var1'];
    $whawha = $_POST['var2'];
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