Immediate traffic, is it really possible?

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Dear Fellow Warriors,

I woke up this morning and found myself in the precarious position of desperately needing immediate income, you see, they turned off my water today. Now I am not looking for any sympathy or handouts, I would just like to know if there are ways to get immediate (as in the next few hours) traffic to our websites to attempt to convert some sales. Can anyone either take a look at them or point me in the right direction on this?

The wife and I have been “silent” Warriors since 2000 (Thank you Allen!) and the two (16 day old) sites I am about to tell you about are all self programmed, self designed, and contain nothing but our own original content, including the 2 reports (with 2 more we are working on as we speak..) with the exception of the WordPress shell (and plugins) on the main site, but I have even modified some of it’s PHP code. I can’t help it, programs never do just what you want.

To cut to the chase, we are definitely rookies at this and I am pretty sure our sites may be nasty and all wrong in a pro’s eyes, which is exactly why I would truly be indebted to any of you that would take a quick 2 minute look at these sites and give us your honest critique. Good, bad or ugly, the Mrs. and I are pretty tough cookies, we can take it. All of it is for the betterment of the sites.

These sites have been based around the concepts of 2 reports we have purchased. “Really Fast Money - How To Make $1000 - $2000 In 24 Hours” and “Discover How You Can Quickly Feed Your PayPal Account”, both Warrior Member originals. I will tell you up front we have no list right now and we both know “the money is in the list”. I really need some ideas there too please, even point backs to previous forum topics, etc. We are following through on the marketing and promotional techniques that were laid out in these reports as well. We have articles circulating, ads swapped, etc. As a matter of fact I just got the acceptance email on our first article at EZA right before I posted this, a week later, but still got it… LOL

I WILL make these sites profitable, I will NOT give up, all we need is a little input. An online business has become my avenue of income since I have been diagnosed with the first stages of MS. It is inevitable the electric will be next hence the urgency of making this site profitable or changing what I need to in order to achieve this. I have considered doing a WSO, but to be perfectly honest with you, I’m obviously not in the financial position to do that right now. Thank all of you in advance and God Bless, over the years of watching and learning I know you are a great group of people here.

Sincerely, thank you and sell, sell, sell!

Mark and Maude (M and M)

P.S. Oops, almost forgot… Sorry, brain dead after 18-20 hours a day in front of the PC for the last month building these... LOL! These are the 2 sites in jeopardy.

Help Me Sully!
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    Since your really looking for instant money, you'll need to look at selling your own products through pay pal, quickest money I can think of. The other option would be to sell products that use the $7secrets script, which is usually 100% instantly into your paypal account. Quite a few listed at

    As for your own products, the sites you showed need some better copy, not much to get people to buy. The sully one, is kinda of all over, no focus, not really sure what it's about.

    You'll also need instant traffic, which is going to be some what tough. Articles take time to get approved, blogs, squidoo lens, hubpags, ect, take time to build traffic.

    One of the few instant traffic sources I can think of is social networks, but you might not get far if your only trying to sell something. You could try quality commenting on higher traffic blogs, not big traffic, but it's traffic, though many have moderated comments.

    If you have a blog, get your rss feed out there and post quite often with quality content, that can build up quickly, at the very least it can bring you traffic.

    Just a few ideas.
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      i stumbled your "sully" site.

      hope others reading this thread will do the same.

      the last stumble i got sent me 78 visitors. a few of those should help.

      come on, guys, let's help a fellow warrior out. put in a social bookmark !

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    It would be helpful if you put the price of the product on your sales page.
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      Have you considered selling something you have in your pile of possessions on your local craigslist? That's what I would do to get my utilities turned back on.

      - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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    Thank you all very much for your input and replies. I do realize the site appears disoriented to say the least right now. Let me clarify the end goal here. I have a 110,000 product catalog from my wholesaler (computer hardware and software) that will eventually be going online, that is about a 3-4 month project itself. I have been in the computer building and support business since 1976 and my wife is a certified software trainer and support specialist in the industry since 1990. In addition to bringing all that online (again, a massive undertaking) We have a dozen or so friends that want to write and submit to our site their own helpful experiences in other facets of life. So we had to start somewhere... LOL We are doing all of this ourselves and have always allowed the company to "grow itself" from the money aspect. It takes some real overhead for this big of a job.

    It seems that we know how to do it, we just can't seem to sell it! Hence the pitiful sales copy on the pages, maybe I better outsource that for now...

    I can promise you I will be implementing all (or most of) the techniques you have all mentioned as time goes on, it is just tough when the bill collector is knocking. Thank you again and best of sales to all of you.

    M & M

    P.S. The Sully comes from my nickname, when your last name is Sullivan... LOL
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      Have you tried ebay? You can sell anything there and it will help with the bills. My wife, who has little net experience has been selling on ebay for a couple of years. She doesn't make a fortune but it all helps.

      The problem with the 'make money' niche is that it is highly competitive. So you are going to struggle there even with good IM experience.
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