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Hey warriors hope all had a nice thanksgiving holiday.

Wanted to touch base with you about recent results for article distribution. This is one of dozens of methods i use for marketing. And have so for years. Hence

Isnare use to be great although there is no customer service i have paid for packages that have never been credited and the turn around time went from days to months.

article marketer sold out to content crooner. They results we so so.......

I already use automated software's like article post robot....

Of course this is some reshash questions all balled into one. But as you been here so long eventually you get to this point. But what applications or 3rd party services are you getting mass submission from that is really showing exposure.... optins, and seeing you articles on the most 3rd party sites.... Trying to update my BPO or business proccess operations and any new blood that is rocking it im all ears with blessings.

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