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I need to host a video that i can embed on my site (1 min long). It will get about 500 views a day. I dont want to pay the prices Viddler want $100!! It needs to autoplay...Any views?

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    You may want to use youtube if there is no charge for viewing but if it will be on payment basis and you want to protect the link then you can go with amazon s3

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      The best way that I know of is to use amazon s3 it's like a sort of pay as you go service. It's quite complicated but I found that if you apply to the program, load a video into a bucket (search the forums there on how to do that), you can then use eZs3.com to generate the player and "host" it for you. It's quite easy once you get passed Amazon and their security keys and loading buckets and such!!

      Hope that helps you dude!!
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      Amazon s3 is the way to go when it comes to video hosting. Especially, if you want to make sure that your video will be viewed if it is being watched by multiple people at the same time.

      If you just post it on your own server, unless you have a very big server, it is almost guaranteed to bog down or not even play when multiple people are trying to view it.

      So, ultimately I would go with Amazon S3 if the video is going to be making you any type of money at all.

      Talk soon,

      Shannon Herod
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        If you aren't charging for the video, there's little reason to NOT use Youtube. If I am missing something, please explain further.
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          I imagine the main reason not to use youtube is your video could be taken down at any time

          But also they show adverts! It could be you competitor sucking away traffic from you!

          Also once the video ends it shows other videos the viewer may be interested in ... again could be you competitors, or could be inappropriate or offensive material.
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    If you use Amazon's S3 you also might want to look at adding Amazon's CloudFront to that. CF takes your video and spreads it out to multiple servers around the world. Then when someone wants to view it the video is served from whatever spot is physically closest to it. Which should mean a better viewing experience for the end user.

    I use the combination of S3 and CloudFront for the back-end of my Instant Video Web Pages and love it so far.

    Jay Jennings
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    S3 is expensive compared with other methods but lots of people
    use it so many will recommend it.

    I recommend self-hosting and know how to make it work great.
    Doing it so it plays nice is just a matter of proper compression
    and sensible buffering.
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    You tube is one of the trendiest place for people to contribute to and discover new videos. They bound the clips to under ten minutes, the quality is compact, and the site can become slow or insensitive without warning.

    Although the bugs, YouTube has a lively community that build it easy for your video to to be seen. So, if you're looking for your mini-movie to spread far and wide, this is a good place to host it..
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    You need to be in control so I would definitely recommend Amazon S3 service to host your videos for sales pages or any special videos for other purposes. You don't want to leak the traffic by hosting on youtube. If it's just a general info or a promotion video than use youtube because you want to get more views on youtube which can result more traffic as the views start to grow.
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    Hi David,

    If you're serious about building your online business using video marketing then consider hosting on your own dedicated server as opposed to a standard shared server.

    What you will be buying into is 'Reseller Hosting' so you'll be able to sell hosting space (at the very least it will pay your hosting fees!) balancing the amount of space you would like to resell with the amount of space you need to reserve for your own stuff.

    Dedicated hosting can cope with insane amounts of traffic so is worth considering, if not now then definitely in the future.

    Hope this helps you mate.


    P.S. Else, here's another 'aye' for Amazon S3!
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    Go for Amazon S3 or if you have the budget then you might just hosting your own.
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    So have you made a decision yet my friend?

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