Components of a high-converting optin page

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Let me share with you what I discovered from a top Internet Marketing Expert.

There are five top components of a high-converting optin page. In case you don't know, such a page is one which you use to collect people's names and email addresses so that they can become members of your list of subscribers.

Here the top components:

1. A headline that grabs attention. If your headline does not grab the attention of the would be subscriber, you are likely not to get his/her name and email address.

2. A subheadline that keeps his/her attention. If the headline is super, but the subheadline is not, you might lose him/her. Here you can outline one or two benefit(s) that will be derived from joining your list.

3. An outline of the benefits. You should outline the benefits that will be derived from what you are offering in exchange for their names and email addresses. It should be between 3 and 5. These should be the top benefits.

4. Instructions that specifically spells out what to do. Tell them specifically to put down their names and email addresses to get whatever you are offering.

5. A statement of privacy. Let them know their privacy is secured and that you won't sell or rent their email addresses. people do not want spam.

Hope you apply these in your next optin page.

All the best.
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