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This may have been answered already, but I couldn't find it.

I'm asking for input from anyone that has done something similar. I'm developing a business revolving around a "DVD of the month" type of thing.

What I'm looking for is a place where I could upload a video and put it on DVD. I've never used Kunaki (sp?) but I've heard a lot of great things about it. But, my goal is to have over 500 subscribers to this thing and I need a place that could replicate the DVD and mail it out. I'll do the production work.

I'm sure someone will have more questions so please ask away.

Any input would be awesome! Thanks guys/gals!
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    Oh, and if someone can direct me to a good video camera (digital of course). I have a flip, but it just doesn't cut it for me with what I'm attempting to do. Any input would be awesome!
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      Here's the camera I just bought recently

      JVC - Everio High-Definition Digital Camcorder with 60GB Hard Drive and 2.7" LCD - Onyx Black - GZHD300BU

      Hefty price - AWESOME quality. Using it soon to shoot some cool IM videos
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      How about Kunaki + discbuddy?

      I've used Kunaki but not Disc Buddy but this version of it looks good.

      Disc Buddy Disc of the Month:
      Offer your customers a recurring "Disc Of the Month Club" style membership using PayPal Subscriptions.
      This script will automatically select the next month's CD or DVD and ship upon completion of successful payment. Import and export product data in .csv format for bulk adding and editing offline. Supports unlimited products and you can offer multi-disc packages with up to 50 CD/DVDs per package. Supports Autoresponder email capture too!

      Disc Buddy - Kunaki Delivery Automation by The Disc Buddy

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    cannon hv30 is amazing! I had a $4000 budget and went with it for only $800. Then I bought a matthews tripod and other kick ass goodies.

    go with the cannon and you will be amazed. check out this forum dedicated to it. Canon HV20, HV30 & HV40 User Forum - Powered by vBulletin

    here is the lapel mic I use too.

    The Kodak Zi8 Rocks! | maketheworldyourstage.com

    I bought a $300 rhode mic, boom pole, rhode shotgun mic, and I mainly use the above lapel mic that only cost me $30.

    PM me if you got any questions.

    also kunaki is easy to use. you can also integrate nanacast shopping cart with it to automate everything.
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    Awesome stuff folks! Thank you! I'll look into that camera and the Kunaki stuff. I'm using 1shopping Cart so I wonder if it's compatible with Kunaki.

    Has anyone ever used Speaker Fulfillment Services for this kind of stuff?
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    I've used Kunaki and they do an excellent job for the price ($1.75 per, whether it's one disc or 100). I would definitely suggest them.

    I use a $700 Sony Handycam. Seems to do the job okay. (Be sure to also buy a tripod, which can be used as a monopod by extending only one leg. It'll be a big help in making videos that aren't 'shakey'.)
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    You guys are amazing! Great info which now has me baffled as to what to do. (which isn't all that bad)

    OK, my business will be revolving around recording dance lessons from various instructors, sticking it on a DVD and producing a "DVD of the month" type of thing. I already have several dance instructors ready to go, just need to find the right video recorder.

    I've been reading up on the FLIP and the ZI8 and I don't really see a difference between them for what I want to do. The only drawback MAY be sound quality. Since I'll be several feet away from the instructors (recording them), I'm not sure about the sound quality.

    Anyone have any input the sound quality of these two recorders?

    I'm also looking at the other cams discussed here, but so far, those are my front runners.
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      Just to add to all the great info already posted here, I know another great company to use is Disk.com.

      My friend Hollis Carter used them for a product he released over the summer and the production quality was amazing (and the prices were quite reasonable). If you want to send me a PM I can give you contact info to a rep I know at Disk.com, she will be able to give you a quote on your project.

      Good luck!

      - Tommy

      - Meet Tommy Bussey -

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    The Zi8 I bought from Dr Dan's recommendation and it is bad ass for the price and bought a label mic for 30 bucks and I'm killin it with my video marketing. Sometimes less is better!
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    I second the HV30 nomination. I shot a docu with the HV20 and it was great.
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