Zero advertisers On Google -- Good Sign or Bad?

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The best advice I've heard is that when you create an info product, you want to target a narrow, tightly-focused niche where the competition won't be so fierce.

The subject of my info product is a psychological concern that is one of those "hair on fire" topics -- when you have this problem, it tends to be on your mind constantly. A marketer I respect thought my choice was a hot niche market that could be very lucrative.

When I do a Google search for the one word that best describes this psychological concern, I see... no Adwords ads! Well, I do see one ad -- for a medication, but nothing else.

I don't know if this is a good sign or a bad one. It could mean that no one has thought to target this problem, but a more likely explanation is that people have tried to do so and failed.

In fact, when I checked this term in the past, there were indeed a few advertisements on Google for this topic, but not anymore. A bad sign? A very bad sign? A broader, related niche does have advertisers, but not this narrower one.

I have even tried Adwords for this product in the past and got visitors but no sales. It could be the fault of my sales letter, or maybe it is a problem with this niche.

My question is, is it a very bad sign when there are zero advertisers on Google for your particular niche? Perhaps people with this concern are just looking for free information and don't want to be bothered with shelling out for paid products?
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    Honestly, sounds bad, but I would still test it!

    Go look at various forums and see, if there are none then yeah, it may just not be all that hot.
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    it is really something surprising, and a news.
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    It doesn't necessarily have to be a bad sign. Maybe it has just been overlooked and remains untapped... waiting for you to tap it!

    Running some type of a quick test is the only way to know for sure..
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    It really depends. Why dont you just test em? Most of the time its a bad sign. But there were always exceptions. You would want to do more research on the product and their sales funnel.
    I was promoting this product before, no ads, no competition. But I know precisely that the product will convert very well. End up making 5 figures in approximately 2.5 weeks. -> This is during a product launch. Their affiliate manager didn't sent out notification or anything about it. Luckily I am sharp enough to know
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    You might be setting on a gold mine.

    Research how many people have the problem, multiply that number by 5 to account for family and friends who will be interested and you will come up with a number of potential customers.

    Does your target market have some forums discussing the problem? If so join the forums.

    Are there support groups, if so visit them, if not start one (online of course.)

    Check out trade mags that the professionals who treat this read. etc. etc.

    Just some brain storming here,

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    Have you tried using Google Keyword Tool and the AdWords Traffic Estimator to have a look at the kind of traffic your target niche gets? It seems bad (as it'd be very unlikely for a niche in the psychological area to be untapped) but maybe you just discovered a goldmine.

    You never know until you try.
    The only box you have to think outside of is yourself.
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      My first instinct would be that no other ads is a bad sign.

      BUT the only way to get a definitive answer is to test it.

      Instead of spending a ton of time creating the product, just make a quick squeeze page and give optins a short free report that outlines your solution.

      If people signup, then you know that people are at least willing to take some form of action (submitting their email) for a solution to their problem.

      This will also give you a sense of search volume for the keyword, as it's pretty hard to gauge until you actually start running some traffic.

      My 2 cents.
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        Like stated in this thread it is often bad news when there are no other Google ads promoting your keywords, but there are exceptions.

        Research is the key to find out if this is a market to jump into. I would check the organic results. (Since there is no adwords.) Make sure you do exact search. Check out the top ten results. Study these top ten sites.

        Question to ask yourself - are these top 10 sites profiting off your prospects problems.

        If so you have a ton of opportunity. Not only could you go after adwords, but you might be able to joint venture with the people in the top 10 listings for your main keywords. In fact, you might even be able to achieve a top 10 ranking yourself with a little SEO and article marketing. The good news here is these options are free or low cost.

        Hope this helps. If you have other questions let me know.

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    Its a good sign that there are no money in the niche
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    Very interesting niche, I haven't ran into this problem before. But I now know what to do if this ever happens to me.. Thanks for bringing it up.. Cheers
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