The Ultimate Method To End Piracy Issues

by Daniel Molano 1 replies
The ultimate method to end piracy issues is...


A lot of people here have been wondering how to stop the piracy and illegal distribution of their products.

Well, I have found a way of taking down your product from illegal distribution sites, and not it is not doing a WhoIs search and then contacting the hosting service with a DMCA notice to take it down and screw the *******.

When people see there stuff is being illegaly distributed there is only one reaction, you are REALLY pissed off and you forgot one of the most essential components of human behaviour. Most people actually respond to plain out being nice.

In many cases I have failed to take down a piracy link for my product, usually because the domain is well protected for WhoIs queries or because the country it is hosted in doesn't give a damn about the DMCA.

So I have taken a different approach in several cases and in 90% of them it has worked just fine.

I contact the person illegaly distributing directly and send them a friendly/warning request to please remove the download link from their website because it is in violation of the DMCA and it is being illegaly distributed.

To my suprpise it works almost every single time, try out!
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    Well Daniel,

    Most of the time, when confronted, these people would just take it
    down nice and quietly. The problem starts when people don't respond
    to you no matter how many friendly/warning requests you send.

    And by the time the "authority" gets to shutting down their sites,
    they've probably already made some profits or caused the original
    owner to lose out already.

    Kind of a hard situation to deal with... but in my opinion, people
    who resort to something like that eventually don't get very far in
    their IM (or whatever they're looking for) journey.

    If they're only looking to get stuff for free without having to pay
    for them, it probably means they just want a shortcut and not a
    real solution to what they're looking for.

    And if they're looking for a shortcut, they probably might not want
    to read through an ebook that teaches them how.

    If anyone benefits from the product, well, good for them. Eventually,
    the product owner will still get the gratitude from the person who
    got it and not the illegal distributor.

    My $0.02

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