Recommendations for a wordpress plugin that can...

by Big JP
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...Place widget areas on any theme?

I am looking for a way to be able to place a widget where I want on any theme I may be using, I have some nice themes I like the design of, but the widget areas suck!

I am pretty sure there must be a plugin for this out there, so I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations. Or if you have any other ideas, please feel free to post them here!


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    Nice article there Greg, but it doesn't cover what I am looking for, also it is an article from 2 years ago I'm sure things have developed since then...

    Come on warriors, someone has the answer here, put me out of my misery please!
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    It is an older article, but it tells you the steps needed to add widgets to a theme. 2 years ago not all themes hav=d widgets, now all themes do (or at least they should).

    With the information there, you can easily increase the number of widgets that your theme already has and place the new ones wherever. The problem though is that you will most likely need to also format your CSS file for the new location.

    That is why there is no "sper easy" way to add widgets just anywhere to a random theme. WIdget are normally formatted in the CSS for certain area so the fit and function properly. If you move those widget into a different area with different spacing, the original format doesn't work properly.

    So, the article I found above will provide you with the basics, the formatting will depend on you and the theme you are using.

    Greg Schueler - Wordpress Fanatic... Living The Offline Marketing Dream...

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