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I've heard the Google Caffeine might place some emphasis on bounce rate in ranking sites. I'm not sure how they'd gather such data unless they use Analytics. I've used Analytics on my sites, but now am having second thoughts.

What are some other options you all use?
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    yahoo has a tool called Woopra, but I havent used it. Statcounter is another, so is Getclicky.
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      Thanks, Simon. I'll give those a look.
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      I connect some sites back to a single Piwik installation, have been running it for a couple of months, and it's been working fine.

      Many third parties offer "free" solutions but are they really free when you are giving them your valuable business information? I know there are other ways they can get it, but I'm not handing it out on a silver platter.

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        @ Phil - That's a great point. Is it really free if they have access to my content, keywords, visitors, etc.?

        @Michael - I think I'm going to run statcounter on a little site I set up that I'll probably just flip anyhow.
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    I like statcounter. They are free. I think it might be wise after reading a post today about how sites without Analytics have a better chance of indexing because the door is not wide open to google. Making those changes on a few of my sites tomorrow to monitor any changes.
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    Some good alternatives are:

    - Woopra
    - Mint
    - Goingup

    I suggest you to check Stats in mint are much more insightful than Analytics.
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      George and Mahesh,

      Thanks for the resources. It looks like there are lots of good alternatives to Analytics out there.
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    I just posted something in regards to this, i am testing Clicky right now and i DO like it.

    Might wanna give piwik a shot too.
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