Full Time Writer Needed $7 Per Article

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I posted this in the old WF but cant reply to the PM's from those that were interested so I am posting again here.

We are in need of a full time writer who can produce a minimum of 100 articles monthly with a minimum word count of 300 words.

English must be your first language and proper spelling, grammar and punctuation is a must.

There is a catch!

The articles we need written must be in spinner format using syntax that is used to differentiate synonyms with our software.

So for instance you would write a sentence like this:

The (dog|canine} {jumped|leapt|} over the small fence

The curly brackets are used to surround the word/s or sentence you want to make changes to and the horizontal line differentiates your synonyms or changes.

We will supply you with a Lite version of our software to help you easily add synonyms and syntax.

This is a permanent position as we will require a minimum of 100 articles monthly at the rate of $7 per article.

If interested please PM me.

Joe Russell
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