Which blogging platform or CMS or web software do you use? Help!

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Hi, I'm at a loss as to which software I should use for my sites.
I just want something simple that will handle some pages for
articles and affiliate links etc, perhaps with blogs etc later.
I have tried WordPress a couple of times, and only today I
looked into Joomla again, but I'm thinking I might just bite
the bullet and code everything myself. That's because I'm so
frustrated with these platforms that seem to force me into
choosing sections and categories etc for even the simplest
forms of content or pages. It's really delaying me from getting
down to business. Something that would links pages together
for me automatically and keep track of navigation would be great,
as long as it then let me form the pages the way I want them
to look, without throwing in other useless snippets of code like
options to show authors, email or print articles etc. Even WordPress
might work, if you could strip it down to bare bones and stop it
crowding page layouts and pages with extra fluff.

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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    I highly recommend that you use Drupal. What I like about the Drupal platform is that it supports the VERY simple scenarios quite easily, but also has the capability to do some complex stuff if you want to. For a basic site I install the base system and 3-4 add-ons and am pretty much done. It works a lot like a blog by default, where each article/page is summarized on the home page, newest on top. You can easily add static pages, categories, menus, etc, etc, but you don't have to.

    I tried Joomla a couple times, but I felt it was overly complex for most of what I was trying to do. Wordpress is fine if you're doing a blog, but I've never been nuts about it and I usually want more than a simple blog.
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      Thanks! I think Drupal is going to work out fine for me.
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