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I have seen it said several times that the keywords should be in the domain name. I am doing some domain name searches for a keyword phrase that I would want to build something on.

What I am wondering is, say my keyword phrase is "train my dog" and I want the domain name but it is not available so let's say I choose and it's available. Would the "now" in the domain name take away from the fact that "train my dog" is highly searched thus making my domain not as targeted as it would be with the targeted keyword phrase only?
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    I personally think you will be fine with the word now on the end, I have done that before and it makes no difference. There is no full blown conclusion that the keyword in the domain plays a huge role anyway, but in saying that my sites that do all rank well, but its hard to tell what effect the domain has.
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    This has been asked several times in the last few weeks. IMO the now detracts from your ability to rank for the keyword will still get to where you want to be with the extra word on the domain but it will take more work, and it will take longer.
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    Exact keyword phrase in the domain name is a major advantage over your competition.

    You could put suffixes in your domain and build your backlinks to outrank the one who have the exact keyword phrase in the domain.

    Overall, your ranking will depend on: on page, off site optimization and the quality of your content.
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    Thanks yall

    I am confused but I will just buy it anyway and hope for the best either way.
    Be easy.

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      Originally Posted by Erica Leggett View Post

      Thanks yall

      I am confused but I will just buy it anyway and hope for the best either way.
      Confusion is just a natural side-effect of being a true Warrior

      I personally find that the keywords contained within the domain name do tend to rank better and faster for new sites just getting started.

      One of the things I personally like is how Google BOLDS the keywords someone is searching if your domain name contains those keywords they just searched for, those same searched for keywords in your domain name are being showing to that user in BOLD!

      A very nice freebie for you as the domain owner!
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    If your business is dog training, maybe or it geotargeted. Keyword rich domains are great for getting indexed by Google.
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      If your site purely provides information about dog training than .info extension would be perfect and it will look better than adding -now- at the end or using hyphens.
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        Sorry, just cheked is gone,
        It would have been too good to be available anyway. It is very hard to get good info domain nowdays.
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    Hi Erica,

    If your popping up a site using the keywords as your domain is a fantastic idea and helps with ranking. however. whether it has now or not the main keyword phrase of your domain is the one searched for that automatically gives you more chances of coming up rather then a site that has your site is keword specific that is both rare and quite useful but it and Best of Success with it

    Also if you can solidify it with or even a .edu extension as well

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"
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    The domain name business is a VERY crafty and intelligent business, like we all know if you do a proper search on say something like dog training as earlier mentioned you will see the marvel of domains pouring in. Sure domains are good to invest in but the search engines are smart and busy crawling the web, so please be patient and get good results my 0.002 cents
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      This is not exactly what you are going for, but is available.

      It gets 1,900 exact searches per month.

      Not bad, but your competition is very heavy....801,000 in quotes on Google.

      Good Luck,

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    I have a couple of high traffic sites with a high searched keyword and the word blog following it . Your case would be

    Hyphens do not hurt you either . I own the exact match for the same two word domain in plain form and hyphen form. The hyphen site outranks the straight site . Actually the straight domain site is outranked by a freakin dot info in google .

    My hyphen site
    the dot info site
    my straight domain site

    On google one .

    My two sites have the same basic optimization .

    I rank higher than the exact match and EZA for one long tail that fetches 1800 estimated a day with a generic relevant site and the long tail in the sub pages . Go figure .

    On page , off page , and beleive it or not , the amount of time you keep your traffic on your page means more than exact term match .

    having said all that, I will go exact any time I can.

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      Originally Posted by Troy_Phillips View Post

      having said all that, I will go exact any time I can.
      I agree.
      General rule of thumb; Short as possible, exact term, dot com.
      The more niche you go, the more long tail you can go.
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