your first sale --- how did you get it?

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As I continue my efforts (struggle) to make a first online sale, I need some inspiration. Maybe all I'm doing at this point is repeating and reinforcing my mistakes. Who knows?

So here's the question: How and when did you first start getting money from your Internet marketing efforts? And does that strategy still work for you?
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    I direct linked through PPC to an affiliate merchant's sales page.

    I don't do this anymore. I'm still in affiliate marketing, but I'd prefer to have an actual website and build an asset.


    I'm a conversion consultant who helps you make more money online with your business.

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      I'd have to say I just used trial and error to start with. Everything I was sure that would work - invariably didn't. But slowly you find products that sell, copy that seems to work and approaches that are much more successful than others.

      The thing to remember is a minor tweak can sometimes be the difference between success and failure. I think this is why so many people give up, it needs persistence or perhaps a little bit of luck to get started.

      Good luck !
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      I managed my first sale, about 3 weeks after starting Internet Marketing, using a Clickbank product, where I woluld have written probably 20 site related articles all pointing back to the website I had created (Wordpress) The funny thing is, I made about another 5 sales off this site before I went ahead abnd changed it all to a review site, comparing the two best products on the market. Since then, my swales have dried up, so there's a lesson there I think. Also, I've stopped writing articles on that topic, which has also dired up the traffic.

      Nevertheless, I believe it's important to keep soldiering on.
      I understand Internet Marketing is a lot like studying for a degree. If you give up before you complete the degree, you'll end up with nothing, whereas if you keep sticking at, and keep doping something towards your end goal, eventually you will achieve a level of success, and then it's just a matter of building on that success
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      The real question should be 'Hey what am I doing wrong"-What kind of marketing are you doing? I can tell you how to make money easily if you let me know what marketing strategies your applying because what ever your doing is not working. Master one method and then progress to other methods. This is the only way to attack IM-especially if your struggling
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    Interestingly enough- I made my first sale from a very ugly site I made back in 2004 when wordpress was not yet mainstream and I had no idea how to do HTML.

    My brain kept telling me not to launch the site because it was so unprofessional but my gut said just to DO IT. I remember I was in my car when I checked my blackberry and saw a NOTIFICATION OF PAYMENT RECEIVED.

    Biggest thing that gets in the way of making your first income stream is jumping around too much and lack of focus. The secret of IM success is not the methods- there are many that work and the info is readily available (just peruse this site). . . the secret is focus, action and then optimization.

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    Forum posting and yahoo answers was the answer back in the day for me.
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    I actually told people about my product starting about 30 days before release. I already had several orders pre-paid before release day. This way partially a result of offering the product for free before going to a paid version.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Get it via forum....
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    Well I stuck to the old 'do something that you either enjoy doing or know something about rule' and I wrote my own book about sleep disorders.

    I didn't do much once the product was created to be honest, just made a youtube video and placed a link to my sales page on a forum in the same niche and this brought me some sales.

    It started to sell ok but then I got distracted and various other things happened in my personal life that kind of got in the way of my efforts so I didn't really exploit the opportunity 100%.

    I now give the book away for free to build my subscriber list.

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      article marketing and clickbank. I wrote about 5 articles, and in the resource box I had a link to a blogger blog. This blog served as a simple one page review site, where I gave a review of the product.

      Do not hype it up too much on your review blog. Give the product a positive review, but also talk about one or two negative aspects, as this show more of a "review" or recommendation as opposed to a hard selling tactic.

      Put your affiliate links in anchor text on the blog you created. Once you have done these things, you should make a sale or two. If you write 5 articles and do not make a sale, do not give up. Write untill you get that first sale!

      This is not a long term business model, and I am currently revamping my business model to include list building and some backend high dollar offers. However, the model I have given works well to get your first sale.
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    HHEHEHEHE great question.

    I created a product with a 97$ price tag and sold my first one in a giveaway -my first giveaway. It made me cry .lol.


    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"
    Coming Soon

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    Ebay 1st, then moved onto Adsense, Affiliate Marketing,
    Bum Marketing, Membership Marketing & CPA....
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    My first sale was actually a surprise- 4 years ago.

    I put up a video to attract traffic and someone emailed me asking to buy a downloadable copy of it!

    Lesson: Sometimes when you are searching the world for opportunity, it's knocking on your side door!
    Signature - the zaniest affiliate blog in cyberspace.
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    I wrote a time management ebook, loaded it onto payloadz express and ran ads in craigslist. I sold about 20 copies that way, the whole operation cost nothing. Then a funny thing happened, I put up a blog with a bunch of article and sales stopped. I never quite figured out why, maybe I solved the problem for people with the free info. Anyways it is not a huge money niche, so I am now focused on writing and trying to get adsense income. If you post what you are trying to do the forum members who are more in the know will give you a hand. Good luck
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    Unsolicited e-mail i.e. spam

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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    My first sale (and hundreds more after that) online was back in 1998 or something through a very popular mIRC channel for the niche/product I was promoting.
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    my first sale was on rentacoder, I converted a word file to pdf for someone, and earned $5, then paid rentacoder $3 for transaction. so, net $2.

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    I forgot what my first sales was but if you build a list by giving away something valuable for free then show your new optin a one time offer, most likely you will get your first sales.

    I use this methods to make money all the time, sometimes, I generated $100 a day directly to my paypal account by using this simple strategy alone and not to mention all other product sales set up in my autoresponder accounts.
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    My first sale came from some way out of the box thinking...I started off selling custom graphics, and when the first potential customer came along and wanted a price quote, I just made the graphics and told him if he wanted them he could just pay me whatever he thought they were worth.

    He paid me more than I would have asked for! It worked, so I stuck with it for several months. Most people were fair. Some overpaid and some cheated me, it averaged out.

    I'm not saying you should do that...I don't do that anymore. But then again, thinking out of the box can help you get started.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    First kill was a 3,000,000 hits page, sold it via FFA's back in 2001.

    A warrior wrote the sales copy that got me to buy it... Allan Purdy in the UK.
    His copy inspired me to write something similar: it worked I sold one.

    Used that profit to purchase our very first clickbank account.

    Such a long time ago...

    David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions
    Lawyer Local SEO - |

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      I earn my first sale in 2 years ago from blogging, i just make review on some software and in next day someone buy this software through my blog, this is my first sale in my lucky day. But now i can make it more than what i got 2 years ago.
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    Originally Posted by webwriter View Post

    As I continue my efforts (struggle) to make a first online sale, I need some inspiration. Maybe all I'm doing at this point is repeating and reinforcing my mistakes. Who knows?

    So here's the question: How and when did you first start getting money from your Internet marketing efforts? And does that strategy still work for you?
    I *think* i started on DP forum and offered services like SEO analysis and translations.
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    clickbank + yahoo answers = my first $17
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    Can you link from yahoo answers to clickbank or was it through your website?

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    You asked a straight forward question.Here is my answer. Article writing. Many people think in the box, not out of it. Submitting an article to gain free traffic did not make my first sale. Writing the article properly..with a purpose made that all important first sale and many want the reader to click on your money link in your resource box. Learn how to get that done and you are IN THE GAME!

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