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I only found this forum recently when I was surfing the web looking for marketing advice. Am I ever glad I found you guys! This post is really just a thank you - and maybe it will help encourage people who are struggling.

I run a successful small business but it's a service business and I wanted to expand into info products. I wrote a book last year and threw up an information site with a free e-course to collect email addresses. The idea was to sell my book to people who signed up for the course.

I'm pretty good at SEO, so the site soon started to attract traffic and each month I would sell a few books. My books sales covered the credit card processing fees for my service business but that was about it.

Then I decided to learn more about how the professionals make sales. I bought some Jimmy D Brown books, which have been great, read every thread here and joined the war room.

Just in my first month, I have seen every single metric increase by at least 100% and in most cases much more.

Just by making small changes, I have been able to drive more visitors to my opt-in page, increase the percentage who actually opt-in, improve the open rates for my emails and most importantly, increase my book sales.

This will sound pathetic to those of you who make a lot of money from information products, but it's HUGE for me. I have gone from selling maybe 6-8 books a month to selling 3-4 books a DAY!

And this is before I have even started to approach potential affiliates or JV partners (I figured I should learn how to convert people before I did that) and before I add additional products, which I'm currently writing.

I am not in the IM field but all the principles you guys discuss apply to my field too. I just wanted to thank every person who share their ideas and knowledge on this forum. You have opened up a whole new exciting world for me, and 4 books a day is just the beginning

Thank you!
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    First off you've Gotta LOTTA NERVE posting this on a day when the U.S.A is on the verge of...well...whatever we are on the verge of, sorry just can't bring myself to say it but seriously...

    FANTASTIC News and so glad you posted this here.

    Now if the rest of the small biz owners could see things as easily as you have when it comes to using the internet to grow your business.

    Bravo for taking action and actually applying what you've learned here.

    Listen my friend I don't care what gurus's you follow your "3-4 books a DAY!" is something to absolutely celebrate.

    Although I bite at math even on the low end I know that's nearly 630 a month.

    Even if you bottom line and price it at $10 you could be looking at $6,300 a month. I realize you may be using as a lead generator to get customers

    Whatever your cost of goods or ROI is I bet you faired better than most on Wall Street today.

    Come on!

    Let's give this guy a hand Warriors!!!
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      Thanks guys!

      Originally Posted by jamesdj1 View Post

      First off you've Gotta LOTTA NERVE posting this on a day when the U.S.A is on the verge of...well...whatever we are on the verge of, sorry just can't bring myself to say it but seriously...
      Actually, I'm terrified about that, but that's why I thought this might be a good time to post this.

      I know when I started reading here, I felt discouraged because it seemed like everyone knew more than me and I would never be successful. But having applied just a few of the tried and true principles you guys all use, and seeing that they work, made me think others might be encouraged by my story. And maybe they would try a few of these ideas too.
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    Good for you Louise.

    Don't underestimate your achievements. Who cares what anyone else makes - YOU did great!

    And the best part is - you can't unlearn it. You can keep moving forward even more.

    Well done!


    nothing to see here.

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    Louise well done. This is brilliant.

    Luise and anyone reading this ... even the (currently) super successful marketers started with 0, then 1, then 2 .... sales and carried on.

    Success is a journey and not a destination and it happens one little step at a time.

    Anyone preparaed to take one step at a time will succeed. ... and when things don't go as well as you hoped, Andy Henry's tag line applies:

    "A setback is just a setup for a comeback"

    Good one Andy.

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    My fellow Warriors,

    As you might have concluded from my post above it may have been fairly obvious that I am preparing myself for a seat in the U.S. Congress.

    This morning, after my first almost full nights sleep in over 5 days, I was again thinking how great it was that Louise was getting his first taste of success.

    At that very moment the face in the mirror shot me a big grin saying "Jim you really must work on your math my friend!"

    That very moment I realized I was destined to pack up the PC's and move to Washington.

    Actually I'm surprised no Warriors took a shot at me after such gross miscalculations on my part regarding Louise's earnings. I actually prepared myself to arrive here rather humbly. LOL

    I thought about correcting the numbers in my first post but if I did..THIS post would make no sense.

    I'm glad you did not misread my post thinking I was being a sarcastic arse or something.

    Again Louise congratulations on your success.
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    That's great you're doing something that most people don't do which is concentrating on the conversion rates.

    With small changes to your traffic funnel, sales funnel, webpages, Optin sequence, etc. it's absolutely astounding what you can achieve without getting much more traffic.

    Oh, yeah traffics great, but what's the point in getting a bunch of traffic if you can't convert those leads?

    That's why the number one thing before you concentrate on increasing your traffic is to get your conversion rates up. Those conversions apply towards your Optin's and your sales.

    So if others are reading this take a look how this affected "Louisef" and how you can apply this to your own site and processes.

    Thanks "Louisef" for sharing your successes.....

    Frank Bruno
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    Thanks for sharing this with members, its a good testimony you have encouraged me to start acting fast myself.

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      You are an inspiration to all of us. Way to go, Louise!

      Rocky McDaniel
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        Hey Louise,

        I love inspirational stories like this....we all need to focus
        on the positives right now!!!!

        You go girl...


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          Congratulations on your current success and your future success. It sounds like you've got it figured out.

          You have no idea how posts like this inspire others here on the Warrior Forum. So keep up the good work and the posting!

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    Very cool

    Yeah there are lots of smart cookies on this forum, great people.
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