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Hi Guys, I want to build a web site and need your help. Can anyone send me a link to your own web sites or websites that you would recommend so I can see what I need to produce. Could you send me examples of:
1. CPA sites.
2. Affiliate Marketing sites.

Also what tool would you recommend to build the site and a recommendation to where to buy a domain name, Please remember Im a newbie and money is tight. What a combination! lol.
Kind regards. Dherm.
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    Try this site Web Site Design Made Easy and you wont regret it.
    Affiliate site are commission junction,Clickbank,lifetimecommission,and to crown it all.Run a search in Google for affiliate programs you'll see millions of pages coming up.
    Olajide Adetutu

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    If money is tight for you, then there is a free wysiwyg editor. Here is the link KompoZer - Easy web authoring Very good for a free one.

    All the best

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    Hello Dherm,

    There are some free web editors that you can use for your web designs.

    * NVU
    * Kompozer
    * Site Builder

    You will also need an FTP Client to upload your files.

    * FileZilla (free)

    For domain names, you can get it at the following but there are others of course, just google. Domain names cost about $7 - $10 a year.


    Don't forget you'll also need a hosting account. I can think of Hostgator, again there are others, just google.

    As a beginner creating your own website is rather fun but it can be rather daunting. So take your time to learn and you'll do it.

    Warm regards

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      Thank you all so much, the prospect is very daunting as Ive never created a site before. I will try out all that you have recommended.

      Kind regards. Dherm.
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    Is there a reason you want to stay away from Wordpress Blogs? You can install them quickly in your hosting account. There are many free and good looking templates available. Adding content is easy.

    If you want something unique, you can find many inexpensive templates.

    Not trying to tell you don't do a traditional website, just wondering if you had considered the alternative.

    I buy all of my domain names on MyDomain.com. I use HostGator for hosting, and love their hosting and support. The price is also very competitive.

    One last recommendation, if you really want something custom and slick, head into the WSO, or Warriors for Hire section. You will find many highly talented people with great templates, special offers, and even custom work.
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    Wordpress has 1000s of templates that you can download for free. As others have said, I use Namecheap to register a domain name. I use betterwebspace.co.uk for hosing.

    There's a learning curve for Wordpress, but there will be for anything you choose. At least with WP and a template you have something that looks like a website - a good start, while you concentrate on adding content.

    Hunt around in members' sig files and I'm sure you'll find loads of examples of CPA and affiliate sites. This one is my affiliate site for a friend's site
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    Sitesell has always worked great for me, all the tools are built in, and their forum is like a family. Everyone helps out.
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    Hi Dherm,

    You've got some great responses here so I'll be brief

    If you are just getting started, WordPress is the very best way to go. Otherwise, the learning curve on creating a site from scratch is pretty steep and if it is your goal to make money, your time is better spent creating content and focusing on promoting.

    If you are interested in knowing what "type" of sites make money, check out those who are actually selling complete websites for sale in the Warrior Forum:

    Warrior Products & Services

    Although there are different methods, and not every site is created equally, it will still give you a good idea for a website for beginners to get started with.

    There are sites that focus on making money with Adsense only, others focus on promoting physical products only, and other sites throw in everything!

    Also, just a quick word of caution with WordPress free themes, many have links embedded in the templates...it's not the links that are a problem really, sometimes it is the nature of the sites they link to.

    Hope this helps!
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    Also, Dherm brought up a great point...

    What is WordPress?

    You can find information here:

    WordPress Free Blogs:
    WordPress.com — Get a Free Blog Here

    WordPress Video tutorials:

    WordPress Software (when you have your own host)
    WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform

    Hope this helps!
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    well first off you don't neccessarily need money to start up a site. you can use all sorts of free blogs and free web hosting. weebly and webs dot com are two pretty good ones. there's a few more good ones I can't think of right now. do some research I know you can find plenty that don't cost you a dime
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    Personally I would learn to hard code rather than relying on free templates. Learn PHP which is a highly flexible and user friendly programming language. Alternatively start with HTML and Javascript first.
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      thanks for the feeds and advise guys, its been great and as a result I have not moved from my computer all day as iv'e been looking into everything that's been recommended. I cant believe Saturdays gone in a blink! or should I say in the click of a mouse! LOL. Thank you Barry and Leah for the enlightening me about Wordpress.

      Kind regards. Dherm.
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    I agree you should do the Thirty Day Challenge before anything else.

    Don't buy any courses and "how to" products until you understand the business.
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    I started on Weebly - Create a free website and a free blog then once I learned what I needed to do proceeded to a free html editor coffee cup.

    Don`t sell . Participate
    Traffic Blog

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