Backlinks to websites w/different languages helpful??

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Hi worriorz!!

I have my niche here in germany but I´m in the preps to go international soon (english!-who would have thought ;-))

Now the point is, I have started a squidoo page ranking not so bad already (squidoo rank) and I have a german blog, which google seems to like a lot.

How useful are backlinks and anchorlinks from my german blog to the english squidoo lens??

Contentwise it´s the same (keywords).

Would that make sense??
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    i think it does not matter actually as google only look for where it links to and from who the link come from... just use thesame keywords
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    Actually it's important to have relative content on the pages that are being linked to each other. If the keywords on both sites are spelled the same then google should see it at least partially as relative content and give you some google juice.

    It's good to use your important keywords in the anchortexts.
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