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by Sour
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I'm in the health niche, and I'm starting to build my first list. I've been on the forums, searching high and low for threads related to relationship-building, but I still have a few unanswered questions:
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    I think you just need to balance the give and take, that is give, give, give, give, take, give, give, give, give, take... something like that.

    But as time goes by, I would say you may get lower response on your paid offers, it's just natural. Only newer list members will be more interested in what you have to offer, I experience this myself, like the tenth time someone sends me a paid offer, I didn't even read it, unless they gave an extremely good impression on the previous offers.

    For example, if your free offers actually works and makes their PE problem better, be prepared to get flow of cash on your paid offers. Just make sure you give our really quality freebies that will really help them out before you offer something premium.
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    How would you talk to a buddy with the same problem? If there were a solution, but it would cost him some money, would you wait to tell him about it just because it wasn't free?

    Also, if you are solving their problem with free methods, why would they have to buy anything?

    It's not about trying to sell them something, it's how you do it.

    You are not talking to a big list of people, you are talking to each person as they are reading your message.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Q1: There is not exact number of "freebies" to give away. Your not giving things away too sell them something later. If you are just giving things away, you lower your value to this subscriber. The point is to bond and build a relationship with them. Not to give them random crap.

    Q2: The sequence is important. If you are writing an auto-responder series, that your not going to be sending out manually. Then the goal is to make it seem like the you are sending an email to a friend. The best advice is to test it, if you are truly giving them real value, methods, tricks and techniques they can use right now to get results right now, then they shouldn't mind, because it is helping them out. However, you have to deliver a real result for them, for free.

    Q3: Again, this is just question 1, just reworded.

    My best advice for building a relationship with your list, is to get on camera, and talk to your list, while giving them your best, highly value content for free.
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    Building a relationship with people on a prospect list is exactly the same process as building a relationship anywhere else.

    Have you ever had a friend? Have you ever been married? Have you ever had a job with co-workers? Have you ever worked with other people in a volunteer effort.

    You simply show that you value the other person as a human being first. Then you treat them as if they already were at the next level of relationship that you desire (without jumping too many levels... you don't ask someone to marry you on the first date).

    You listen. You show you care about the wants and needs of the other person. You help them attain those wants and needs.

    You don't need to look in forums for how to build a relationship (in fact, that is probably the last place you should look). Think about relationships you have already built and model after those. Look at people who have the kind of relationship you want with the people on your prospect list and model them.

    It's not numbers and step-by-step formulas. It's about listening and caring and showing that you want to help the other person.
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