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Ok, so I am looking to try out clickbank, but I'm not keen on totally switching away from my current payment provider and paying their higher fees.

However, I don't mind paying their fees for sales made through affiliates.

Is there a way to set up my site so that I can use clickbank's order link for affiliates only?


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    Yes, set up a sales page which uses another payment method and send your traffic there.
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    Sounds like an ideal opportunity to offer affiliates there own landing pages customised to their requirements. They could maybe even have their own email optin box on their own landing page so they control the messages giving to their traffic. Big selling point to get affiliates on board.

    I should have thought of this before... )

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    I am thinking of the same thing. Would like to setup an affiliate program and clickbank seems like an easy way to manage the process. Have been waiting for a week now for them to activate my site and products though.
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