UK hosting - can anyone recommend a UK based host?

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Hi. I want to host some UK targeted sites, and am looking for a host with servers in the UK. I hate googling for this - anyone got any recommendations?

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    Heart Internet is pretty good
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    Second for Heart Internet - i've used their reseller package before - my first IM idea was to sell hosting!
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    • Profile picture of the author rosetrees have recently introduced UK servers.
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        Heart Internet are good and UK2net as well.. Customer service faultless (so far)and really quick..

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    Check out D9 Hosting - very responsive, great service, good prices.....


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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      Why is "wanting to host some UK targeted sites" a reason for wanting to have your hosting itself in the UK? I've seen this said before, never understood it and always asked (so far with no replies). Apologies for "crashing" your thread but can anyone explain this to me, please? :confused:
      Hi Alexa

      Theoretically I agree - why would it make a difference.
      However I have found that "UK only" websites for offline businesses do better when physically located in the UK. I think there are 2 reasons for this.

      You have only a few seconds to grab a visitors attention and the extra time to download from outside the UK loses visitors.

      Secondly, I think that the "local" aspect of google has a synergy with the search results.

      The only backup research I have for this is from my own offline company. I moved hosting to bluehost and saw a severe drop in traffic. When I returned it to oneandone the traffic came back.

      For the OP

      I recommend
      Solid and reliable - but about 2 years behind the times. But for my offline business reliability is what I need. The business lives and dies with traffic and always being "on"

      I can't afford downtime.

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    Zen hosting has been great for me, they are very expensive but well worth it in my opinion.

    And their customer support is one of the best around.

    Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

    Why is "wanting to host some UK targeted sites" a reason for wanting to have your hosting itself in the UK? I've seen this said before, never understood it and always asked (so far with no replies). Apologies for "crashing" your thread but can anyone explain this to me, please? :confused:
    It could be to get better results from Google UK, as Google checks the location of where sites are hosted. So for example if you're running a site about London Gigs, but host the site in LA, Google might not give you as much love as a rival site that's hosted in the UK.
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    I exclusively use hostgator even for my Uk specific membership website.

    I have a friend who hosts with and is always praising how good they are.

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      Heard a lot of good things about evohosting in the past
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    These are mine:

    h t t p: / /idealhosting.duoservers [dot] com - The best thing about them is the fact that they're FANTASTIC with customer services - I'm suprised if I have to wait 15 mins for a response in most cases and really quick to resolve any issues (I think in the two years I've been with them, I've had one issue, and it was completely resolved within the hour.

    The packages are good too - AND you can choose your datacentre - UK or America.

    Good luck finding the right one for you,


    If what I said helps, let me know, throw me a 'thanks'.
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    I prefer hosting in the UK since i am in EU, and i get better speed to my sites for maintenance/uploads. And usually access speed *from* the states is not bad either. Its a good compromise as opposed to hosting in the US when you're in EU.

    I am with for years already, they're simply fantastic and incredible cheap, but very high quality hosting. I know since i am working with so many scripts and running into incompatibilites can always happen with other hosts. Support is also top notch. I tell them i want PHP5.0....few hours later i have it...things like that.

    And my VPS is also in UK but from solarvps.
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    i use eukhost and theyve always been reliable and 24hr live support which is always good.
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      My friend uses Hostway. He told me about some problems that they helped him to solve fast. So I think customer support works pretty well there.
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    I have used as webhosts for years after going through many others. They have servers in both USA and UK. Not cheap - but the most rock solid host ever. Support is the best I have encountered. My biz partner has one site that serves over 600K visitors a month with Kualo without a hitch. We have both had sites on their UK servers.

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  • My partner and I have been using BodHost dot co dot uk for quite some time now. Great VPS rates, top notch live support, friendly staff. I highly reccomend them to you.
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    1 and 1 is very good hosting provider

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      ~mine1718 my dear ignorant hedgehog
      Germany is not a UK county yet my dear
      1and1 is not a UK hosting company- their servers are in Germany!!! this is in central Europe approx 500 miles, or 30ms if you like on average from London - good for a support/hobby/microsites but NEVER a company/corporate website unreliable thats what he is and I am talking not only from my own experience but many friends of mine

      As mentioned
      also good:
      Web and email hosting, domain names and dedicated servers - Fasthosts BUT NOT (which is US based hosting)
      UK Domain names | Web hosting | Online Shop With
      these are 'common' hosting options if you are looking for something more for a corporate website probably best idea is to search for eg london insurance companies, finance advisors and see where who they host their websites with
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        It looks like has disolved together with my account and money. Money paid for an account was silly but time spent on setting up a website/emails/dbs is probably now lost.

        The main site is down as every other website hosted by him for at least one day now
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    Depends what level of service you're looking for. My recommendations:

    Best customer service (if you're looking for lots of back-end support for add-ons etc.)
    islandwebservices dot co uk

    Cheap (but never let me down):
    123-reg dot co uk

    Justin Knightley
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    Fasthosts are ok...

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