Is it bad for all my social bookmarks to go under 1 account?

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I was wondering if I promote say 5 completely different niche products, will putting all my social bookmarks in say 1 digg account still help me get good rankings?

Or should I create a different account for each niche?
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    I'd create a different account, otherwise you'll get marked as a spammer pretty quick.
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      Depends, you looking for traffic or to get indexed?
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        Looking for traffic. Trying to up the number of backlinks.
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          I like to split them up. If you have one account filled with promotional type links you risk your accounts getting banned.

          I have about 15 accounts at over 100 different sites.
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    You can make several accounts - one per niche. Then upload all your bookmarks for each niche into the corresponding accounts.

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    Read their TOS before you go creating multiple accounts for a lot of these bookmarking services.

    I know Digg doesn't permit it, so chances are some of the others don't either.

    Just sayin'

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    I use one account. I just make sure I'm bookmarking other sites as well as my own. Looks more legit that way.

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  • The idea is to have your bookmarks online, if you mix the addresses up, adding ezine links, youtube, other blog sites in between you'll be fine.

    Loads of accounts have thousands of bookmarks.
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    SYNND has people posting stuff like crazy every day to the same accounts. Nobody has had any problems that I've heard of.
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    I use one account. Just bookmark other sites, so it doesn't look as if you only promote your own site.
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    You can create different accounts or just use one ... Your choice. Just make sure you do not spam your account with a bunch of promotional offers. Bookmark kids sites, unrelated sites to your own, news, and etc..

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    You have 2 main problems.

    1- Creating multiple accounts is cheating and against any site's rule.
    2- Posting to many different programs or links will get you banned as a spammer!

    I think that 1 account will be fin. But don't overdo!
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