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A few weeks ago I'd tried to do an ad-words campaign for one of the relationship sites on Clickbank.

However it appeared I was unable to link to their direct affiliate page because no matter where I put the bid it automatically said - bid too low to show and it also said something about landing page conversion. (sorry it's been awhile) long story short, NONE of my 100 keywords would show their site no matter where I put the bid.

So is Google Ad Words blocking certain Clickbank sites/domains?
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    Possibly. The way Google see's the Clickbank link (even though it's a different hop id) is that they are all the same. Google will see your hop the same as some other person's hop because they are from the same original domain... i.e.

    There are some instances where u can get away with this, but it's probably a popular product you're promoting so in this case, you haven't.

    However, to get around this you need to create a landing page. Make a review of the product and then link to your clickbank code which then takes them to the product.

    Hope this clears up a few things. Let me know if you have any questions!
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      No google isn't blocking the page.

      What it means is the landing page isn't optimized for the keywords you are going after and it is getting a low quality score.

      Do a search on google and this forum for quality score.

      What you need to is make a landing page that is optimized for each keyword and then let people click in from your landing pages that you created to the sales page.

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