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Many NEW Internet Marketers simply do not know the importance of "TARGETED" list building. I just wanted to show an example of how you can get this done very easily.

Question> What if you could put your optin form on any website that you wanted to LEGALLY?

This would eliminate the necessity of a landing page, and increase your affiliate conversions many times over. Think about it! How many customers do you think you have lost because you first directed them to a landing page...before they saw your affiliate site they left because they had to sign up to your optin?
What if you could give them a choice RIGHT ON THE AFFILIATES WEBSITE?
That way if they chose not to optin they would still be on the affiliate website and see the offer you really wanted them to see in the first place!
Can you see what I mean.

Take a look at my optin on the worlds #1 site >> GOOGLE

Now what if you could put your optin on ANY AFFILIATE site you were promoting and practically ELIMINATE the need to send them to a landing page?

This is the most effective way of building a "TARGETED" list quickly that I know of
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