Can someone explain to me web 2.0 sites?

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I hear people say that they promote and drive traffic to their sites from their web2.0 sites? Can someone break this down in a way that is easily understandable?

I know web 2.0 is more about sites after 2004 or something like that? I know I am missing something here or just a vocabulary issue for me?

Web 2.0 sites what are they? What are the advantages? How do I use to market and drive traffic?


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    "web2.0 sites" are social and bookmarking sites like blogger,weebly,digg,squidoo,stumbleupon,twitter,fa cebook and 8 zillion others.
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      Thank you. That is kind of what I thought but I just was confused because I keep hearing people say they promote "their" web 2.0 sites etc etc....I guess the their just confused me as it was a specific site they built or something.

      Thanks for the help G.

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        Some of the really targeted web 2.0 sites which rank very easily in google are:


        These three drive a lot of traffic to my site and can be useful for you too.

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          Thanks I will look into those sites. If you don't mind how exactly do you use those sites to drive traffic? Do you use them similar to squeeze pages and put that type info up?
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    I want to know about these web 2.0 sites too. Ive heard is not as complicated as it looks like.
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