What is a good ftp to upload a wordpress theme?

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I have tried using my hosting account to upload, but it is not working. Does anyone know a good ftp client so that I can easily upload wordpress themes? Thanks.
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    Hi Steven -

    If the themes are already zipped up, you can upload them directly from your WordPress admin panel. Click on Appearance, then Add New Themes, then Upload at the top. Upload your zip file and activate it and voila!
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    I use SmartFTP, but it's a paid license. Filezilla works well for free.
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    I use cuteftp the free version. It gets disabled by avast so you have to temporarly disable your avast, if you use that.

    George Wright
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    cPanel is the simplest option of all. File manager --> Go to wp-content --> themes folder-->upload ZIP file and right click extract.

    If you really have to do it via ftp, filezilla works well for me.
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    I use filezilla all the time and works really well - best thing... it's free.
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    Total Commander - home

    Easier & simpler then FileZilla

    You can also use it as a easy way to browse through your folders.
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    Filezilla works very well for me and it is free
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      Another vote for Filezilla. Even if Total Commander is a little easier than Filezilla (which I find difficult to believe - it can't get much simpler than Filezilla), why pay for an FTP client when there's such a great free solution?

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        I agree, Filezilla is simple to use. But I like Lisa's suggestion to use Wordpress since it takes less clicks than FTP'ing to upload new themes

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    You can use Filezilla. I use SmartFTP.
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      I agree with Lisa, just use the Wordpress admin, Appearance tab and upload your theme.

      And, I also agree that Filezilla is one of the best free ftp programs. I have been using it for years, in fact I use it everyday, and never had trouble with it.


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    Firefox with the FireFTP extension. You can have your site open in 1 tab and ftp in another tab.
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    Some good FTP clients

    - FTPgenius
    - Filezilla
    - SmartFTP
    - CuteFTP

    Above mentioned programs are worth to use and will do the work for you. If you want you can also work from your wordpress dashboard to get theme,just make sure you have 755 CHMOD enabled for that to work.
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