GDI Leads, How? Any suggestions?

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:rolleyes:I signed up with GDI a couple of days ago. It is fun, I have two affiliates in my downline. I got frustrated with Craig's List flagging my ads, so I branched out. I have recieved replies today from other sies besides Craig's List. My concern, I only have 2 people in my downline. How do you get leads that work and stay? I like internet marketing. I like what I do, my other job is from home as well. I can do the two side by side. I signed up cause it interested me, email marketing.
GDI, somehow, got bad rep, so it's consequently, has no one intrested, when they see the dreaded GDI. But, GDI offers the website, which I do know the stats of, maybe a little bit more money or maybe not.
Sure,I want the website, I play World of wracraft, I can set up a nice website, about leveling toons, on my .ws website. If I set up a slick enough GDI website, with good graphics, I can actualy talk an interested person, quest by quest, get their toon exalted. Okay,that's the fun part of the job, but how do I get people in my downline, without using Craigs List? How do I build up my downline. I ordered, and have listened to the Dreamteam system. I like it, and he has great tips. I've not yet had time to play the part when he talks about leads, I donot get my people by calling them, but by posting ads.
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      Originally Posted by alexa_s View Post

      You don't. There are some longstanding people earning a little, who got in at the beginning a few years ago. But the new people drop out of promoting GDI a month or two or three after joining because they realise it's not possible to successfully promote a one-product company whose product is available from 100 other sources at a lower price. There aren't any retail customers. The only people who buy it are people joining for the business opportunity, in other words to "earn the right to sell it". It fails every known test for a plausible MLM company, in other words. Sorry. But just look in any network marketing forum and you'll see all the people who know the industry urging their members not to touch that one!
      Yeah.. what she said x2 ^^

      Bare Murkage.........

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      The new way of doing network marketing is called Attraction marketing. The old techniques are outdated and those that doesn't adapt will be left behind.
      Look at my blog for some network marketing tips and also read about attraction marketing there.

      I've also been with GDI before and i know how exciting it is in the beginning especially if you look at their income calculator.I found it hard to get anywhere with GDI and left for a much better company with a product every can't live without. A cell phone.



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        I need to get into a market that works. any suggestions?
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    The truth is that with GDI there is very, very little
    financial commitment so the vast majority of people
    who sign up don't work the business at all - but they
    will hang around for awhile and pay.

    This is true of all Multi-levels. People buy the sizzle,
    the wet-dream of easy freedom - but when it comes
    time to going out and being a Salesman most people
    lose interest.

    "Isn't there an easier way to make money?" they ask.

    Now - if you want to actually get these untrained
    amateur entrepreneurs to do somework the YOU are
    actually going to want to look at investing your time
    and your money in making them productive.

    One thing you might do is pester the hell out of
    them to read certain books... because they assuredly
    won't unless they feel obligated to... by you.

    I would suggest providing each person you want to
    be successful with a copy of a guide to the mindset
    of success - Zero Resistance Selling by Maltz is

    Ugly reality isn't i? Training salespeople requires considerable
    investment of resources after they are hired in every
    industry that uses sales personel.

    You'll do best to get "duplication" by carefully screening the
    people you want to work with and selecting the ones you
    will coach to success on an individual basis - wring a commitment
    out of them.

    You'll need to become profiecient at selling on the phone
    because it's the most important skill in a sales organization
    today - far moreso than internet marketing skills (and in
    that area most of your downline will make a feeble blog and
    post 20 ads on Craigslist and wonder why they can't recruit
    anybody online).

    Not only will you need to coach people to actually talk
    to others and SELL, you'll need to sell the salesman on the
    idea that he can be successful.
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    I am with GDI and presently having some success. I have done a blog post re my strategy for promoting GDI if you are interested. I have to say however, that most of my downline come from asia and are not particularly active.

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    I rewrote the GDI ad, not including the word scam. Which irritates me,and causes my skin to crawl, and makes me mad that they make people use the word scam in their hiring ad. I've had veyr good luck since I did it, since I posted that message. GDI pasted ad was so awful. But,I did answer it a couple of weeks ago. But I sitll hate the generic ad. That had to go.
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      I have Google Ads that target GDI distributors, [97% Fail In GDI ... free report] which generates well-trained marketers for my other affiliate programs. You are wasting your time with GDI, it just has an unrecoverable bad rap, IMO.
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    I thinkI'll get about 200.00, then join that cell phone opportunity I watched on Graham's video on his website. But I've had atleast 4 people sign up tonight with GDI. I like marketting. Darned if I do, darned if I don't.
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    Oh, I mean not Graham's here, but Jan Roos. But Graham's website is very good, as well. I've learned alot here.
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