Valentine's Day Massacre-Make some SERIOUS money this week

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Years ago, before people really trusted the Internet to purchase items, I regularly made between $30,000 to $50,000 profit over the course of about a two week period surrounding Valentine's Day.

Believe me...this is the most ridiculous "holiday" in my opinion...but it is insanely profitable.

Here's how I did it. In the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, I would visit my local library (at the time in Portland, Or). I would look through the yellow pages of every phone book from every major city I could find.

I'd find all the full page ads for florists, write down the telephone number and head home. Once I got home, I'd try calling all these numbers.

As you probably know, once you fail to pay your monthly yellow pages bill to the phone company, they cancel your business phone number...and basically put you out of business. As you also probably know, a full page yellow pages ad is serious money every month.

There were dozens of these!

So, when I called these numbers and found them out of service, I would call my Watts Line administrator (not sure if Watts line is even a "thing" anymore) and I'd have these out of service florist numbers transferred to my 800-number.

When people in their local area would call that florist, it would be directed to my line and I took the order.

I found a florist in Canada that would deliver a dozen roses anywhere for $20+ delivery. I would charge $60+ delivery and for that entire two week period, i would be on the phone constantly. it was absolutely insane.

Anyway...I haven't done this in some time, but probably still a viable idea, as far as yellow pages are concerned. Especially now, since the yellow pages are quickly dying.

But while you can probably still get this done, this post deals with the lazy way to make money for Valentine's Day "holiday."

Right now, I am cashing in big using Facebook (I'm done with Google)...and I expect it to get a lot better as Valentine's Day gets closer.

Basically what I am doing (and you can too) is promoting the sale of flowers for Valentine's Day.

If you have ever ordered flowers for someone to be delivered on or near Valentine's Day, then you know that you are gouged by local florists. Most charge around $50-$60 for a dozen roses on every day of the year...except Valentine's Day, when they jack the prices by 75-100%.

Now, there are many national florist companies that are paying affiliates 20% and still keeping their prices at the normal $50-$70 rate.

On Facebook, targeting is very easy:

Married or In a Relationship

And I market this in specific cities and target the city name in the ad.

For example, I will place one ad in San Diego that stresses not being ripped off/gouged by SAN DIEGO flower prices for Valentine's Day. I also include a special discount code, etc.

The ad itself says that San Diego florists are raising their prices just for Valentine's Day, but that xxx is keeping the same low prices and giving an additional 10% for using code: xxx

The cool thing about it is the nature of most guys: they really don't give a crap about it and they just want to get it done and over with. Valentine's Day is something they dread, but know they have to do something because it is expected by their significant other. So, they click on my link...because they know they paid $100 for roses last year and are ecstatic about having to only pay $50 this year.

Again, my experience on Valentine's Day is that serious, serious money can be made. Your local florists aren't savvy enough to be promoting on facebook and the national florists, while they are there, are not really targeting as they should.

I'm having good success on Facebook now and I expect it to get a lot better in the next few days.

Just a little info that you can give a shot, if you are so inclined.

Good luck...and keep your ads out of my city
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    very cunning. As it happens my office used to be a flower shop and people still call even though it has not been one for the best part of 8 years. I may just try this!
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      very cunning. As it happens my office used to be a flower shop and people still call even though it has not been one for the best part of 8 years. I may just try this!
      Very Nice! Yeah, you may want to set up and start taking orders, or at least direct them to your website where they can save $10 for online orders vs. phone orders. That way you won't have to process credit cards.
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    You sir are a true entrepreneur. That seriously is a genious ploy! Respect! Major Respect!
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